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Con Edison Connects Homeowners With Energy Savings

Queens Borough President Helen Marshall joined Con Edison’s Green Team on June 15 at a Queens Village home to conduct an energy survey that will help the homeowner reduce costs and improve energy efficiency. Over 1,500 New Yorkers have signed up for the low-cost survey.

The Green Team, which includes experts from Honeywell, performs onsite visits and visual assessments of homes, evaluating the lighting, heating and cooling equipment and appliances, for potential areas of improvement. The program is open to residential customers who live in one- to four- family homes New York City and Westchester County.

Ramesh Ganeshan of Queens Village is among the latest homeowners to benefit from the program, which Con Edison offers to its customers for only $50.  Similar surveys can cost up to $300. 

The company sent a Green Team member to Ganeshan’s home to perform an assessment, where the specialist identified opportunities for efficiency improvements. The specialist also installed compact fluorescent light bulbs (CFLs) and a smart power strip — all part of the $50 investment. In addition, the team identified opportunities for other energy-efficiency upgrades, along with potential rebates from Con Edison that could total up to $1,000.

Marshall said, “I urge everyone contact the Green Team to find out which program is right for them. This energy-saving program can reduce homeowner bills, provide greater energy-efficiency and help our city to become greener.  Thanks to Con Edison and Honeywell, an energy audit can result in expert advice on how to reduce energy costs.”

“Energy efficiency is a straightforward concept, but knowing what initiatives are right for a specific family or home can sometimes be a challenge,” said Con Edison Program Manager Cristina Coltro.  “As we head into the summer season, when homeowners typically use the most electricity, the home energy survey is a simple and effective way to uncover energy-saving opportunities.”

Con Edison has an energy efficiency program available for almost everyone. For more information, visit www.conEd.com/greenteam, or call Con Edison’s “Green Team” at 1-877-870-6118.

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