2011-06-22 / Features

107th Issues ‘10-13’ For Cop’s Family In Need

By Liz Goff

To law enforcement officials nationwide, a “10-13” call symbolizes a police officer down, or an officer in need of immediate assistance.

Police at the 107th Precinct in Fresh Meadows are reaching out to the public with a special “10-13”, to help save the life of a fellow officer’s 12-year-old daughter.

Manijeh Ryan, daughter of Police Officer Amos Ryan, has been battling a rare form of brain cancer since she was just three years old.

Manijeh has undergone surgery three times and endured endless rounds of radiation and chemotherapy in her fight to survive Anaplastic Oligoastrocytoma; a form of cancer that presents itself as a tumor that threatens the little girl’s life.

Doctors recently discovered that the tumor is growing, wrapping around a nerve and causing her to suffer severe seizures. She must undergo another 10 months of chemotherapy to reduce the size and growth of the tumor and to halt the seizures, doctors said.

Special care required in the treatment of the tumor makes it impossible for Manijeh’s mother to continue working, and the cost of her treatments continues to skyrocket, fellow police officers said.

In true NYPD tradition, officers at the Parsons Boulevard stationhouse are accepting donations to help offset the enormous financial burden faced by the family.

Anyone interested in donating may drop off or mail a check payable to Manijeh Ryan at 71-41 Parsons Blvd, Fresh Meadows, N.Y. 11365, Attention Community Affairs, 3rd Floor.

For more information, call the 107th Precinct Community Affairs office at 718-969-7472.

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