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P.S. 152 Holds Scholastic Authors and Illustrators Expo Week

By Nicole Albergo-Wright

Teacher Lisa Russo and author Peter Lerangis.

Photo Nicole Albergo-WrightTeacher Lisa Russo and author Peter Lerangis. Photo Nicole Albergo-WrightFrom June 2 until June 10, P.S. 152, the Gwendoline N. Alleyne School of Authors and Illustrators of Woodside, held its annual Authors and Illustrators Expo Week. P.S. 152’s fourth graders were selected by the Scholastic Writers of Tomorrow, which is a joint program launched in 2009 between Scholastic and PENCIL, a nonprofit organization that partners with the private sector to bring change to public schools. Each year, students from four New York City public schools participate in a series of workshops on the book publishing process taught by Scholastic staff. Students learn how to write, edit, illustrate, and sell books while working to create their own original book. For the 2010-2011 school year, students were provided with the topic of time travel to help spark their imaginations. Scholastic Inc publishes the book created by students. By exploring the theme of time travel, the children learned about different historical periods through writing and art. It was a 10-month project that culminated in the publication of P.S. 152's book, Max The Time Traveler. It is about a little boy who travels back in time with the help of special eyeglasses. Some of the people Max visited were George Washington, King Tut’ and Neil Armstrong just to name a few. This year’s special guest author was Peter Lerangis, author of The Watchers series and three books in the 39 Clues series. He visited the children of grades four through six. He spoke to the children about how he became a writer, how he got ideas for his stories, gave advice on getting inspiration for stories and signed copies of his book. He has written almost 150 books and has been published worldwide in many languages. The Woodside on the Move after school program’s second-graders also took part in the expo. They read a series by Victoria Kahn and created art inspired by the stories.
Annette Hanze Alberts contributed to this story.

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