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New Murder Mystery Novel Set In New York Subway

Clif Militello’s new murder mystery, Murder At Transit. Clif Militello’s new murder mystery, Murder At Transit. While last summer’s news told about Queens’ murder rates, which rose nearly 30 percent, this summer’s news reports that murder mystery novels are also on the rise. Local first-time writer Clif Militello’s new murder mystery, Murder At Transit, published by Madfog Media, Entertainment, and Stuff, was the scene of a booksigning at Gleason’s in Astoria on June 12. The novel is an adult murder-mystery-fiction novel about transit, prevention and time. In laymen’s terms, the book is about a murder that takes place on our very own New York City subway. Militello an art director, cartoonist, and caricaturist, has had a 25 year career at the MTA, making him an expert in mass transit escapades. The novel takes place in various locations throughout the city as Special Agents Thomas Banner and Joseph Sorelo from the taskforce attempt to solve the crime. A threat has been made which reads: “Notice: September 17, 2011 and every year thereafter, one person will be taken out of service...to remember those whose loyalty and service were dismissed... signed the Lone Rider.” The Lone Rider is on a killing spree through the subways and it's up to the heroes, Banner and Sorelo, to find the culprit. Is The Lone Rider a disgruntled MTA employee? An impostor? A terrorist? You'll have to keep reading to find out. Though the heroes are no Hercule Poirot and this is no Murder on the Orient Express, Militello provides us with a fast-paced mystery that will be sure to keep you reading until the very end and perhaps will make you rethink your entire subway experience. The book is available as an ebook through Barnes & Noble and Amazon.com for those who'd rather read on a NOOK or Kindle.

—Nicollette Barsamian

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