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Councilmembers, Families Of Children With Autism Urge Restoration Of Council Initiative

Councilmembers from across the city joined hundreds of families of children with autism and autism service providers to urge the restoration of the City Council’s Autism Initiative, which provides autism services to children and families.
“Autism impacts too many children and families today,” Councilmember Mark S. Weprin said.  “It knows no boundaries.”
The Autism Initiative provides social and recreational services for children on the autism spectrum, as well as educational and training services to their families.  The result is that children can live fuller and more productive lives.  The initiative funds not only direct programming, but also childcare services that allow parents to hold jobs, knowing that their children are safe and receiving appropriate, compassionate care.
"The Autism Initiative has helped thousands of families who are dealing with a child who has been diagnosed on the Autism Spectrum,” Councilmember Julissa Ferreras said. “To cut or eliminate this valuable initiative would be devastating."
“The prevalence of autism has increased to epidemic proportions,” Weprin said. “While there is no cure, quality services are necessary for maximizing positive outcomes.”
Children with autism respond better and have a better quality of life when they have access to services that allow them to engage and participate in social skill development.  Likewise, parent awareness leads to early intervention, which is critical for ensuring that children receive services in proper educational settings.


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