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Con Ed Ready For Summer Heat

Con Edison said it is ready to handle the summer heat and urged consumers to take advantage of energy-efficiency programs to reduce usage and save money.
The company said it has invested $1.1 billion to strengthen its electric delivery systems for the upcoming hot season and beyond (conEd.com/summerprep).
“We want people to learn about our energy efficiency programs and how they can save money this summer,” Con Edison President Craig Ivey said. “Reducing energy usage enhances system reliability and protects the environment.”
Since Con Edison launched its Green Team energy-savings programs (conEd.com/greenteam) last summer, nearly 41,000 homes and small businesses have enrolled, with close to $20 million in customer incentives paid out to date. The programs are designed to help customers reduce their energy usage and cut their monthly bills. 
One customer, Steinway & Sons of Astoria, received a free energy survey showing it could save an estimated $6,700 annually through lighting upgrades.  Con Edison reimbursed 70 percent of the $24,000 installation cost, and the famed piano maker expects to recoup the remaining costs in about a year.
For more information, visit www.youtube.com/watch?v=fjI3oZ92q3g. 
This year’s electric delivery system improvements included $814 million for cables, transformers and network protectors; $63 million on transmission upgrades and $212 million on new substation installations and related equipment.
“Our highly trained work force prepares continuously through the fall, winter and spring to get our system ready for the summer season,” Ivey said. “Fortifying our infrastructure helps make Con Edison the most reliable utility in the country. These efforts directly benefit our customers.”
Here are more details about Con Edison’s energy efficiency programs:
For Homeowners (one-to four-family homes)
•$30 rebates for new Energy Star window air conditioners.
•Rebates up to $1,000 for installing eligible energy-efficient heating and air conditioning equipment.
•Free programmable thermostats (a $300 value) for central air-conditioning systems.
•$30 rebates for recycling old, second working refrigerator
For Apartments, Condos, or Co-ops (five to 75 units)
•Free surveys to evaluate building common areas and individual units for lighting, cooling- and heating-efficiency improvements and incentives for these improvements.
•Incentives for new Energy Star refrigerators and air conditioners, and free recycling of old, inefficient refrigerators and air conditioners.
For Small Businesses
•Free energy surveys.
•Free upgrades such as CFLs and water-heater thermostats.                                                                    
•Big incentives up to 70 percent for major lighting, heating, and cooling upgrades.                                 
•Free programmable thermostats (a $300 value) for central air-conditioning systems.
For Large Commercial and Industrial Customers
•Partial funding for energy study.
•Rebates and performance-based incentives for high-efficiency equipment
For more energy savings tips, visit www.facebook.com/powerofgreen.

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