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The Hills Aren’t ‘Over The Hill’

Rego Park octogenarians Richard, 87, and Erma Hill, 86, work on their volley skills and socialize with friends at CityParks Seniors Fitness free tennis classes at Flushing Meadows-Corona Park. The Hills joined CityParks Seniors Fitness in 2006 and state that there is no excuse for seniors not being able to get active with all the free programs being offered by CityParks Foundation. Mrs. Hill said, “The more you stay active, the more you can do.” CityParks Senior Fitness offers tennis, yoga and fitness walking instruction to adults over 60 in 14 parks across the five boroughs, for free, at Flushing Meadows-Corona Park, Astoria Park, Cunningham Park and Roy Wilkins Park. Each fitness class, including use of equipment, is offered twice a week for one hour and encourages seniors to maintain regular attendance to maximize the health benefits. The program also encourages participants to exercise, even in moderate amounts, to help them feel and look better, maintain or lose weight, to help reduce the risk of diabetes and heart disease, to help minimize the symptoms of arthritis and just enjoy being in a neighborhood park. For more information call the Sports Department at 718-760-6999 and hurry over to a park near you—the fitness program ends June 24.

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