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Radiation Scare In Astoria

Photo Jason D. AntosPhoto Jason D. AntosHAZMAT teams, FDNY and NYPD descended on a home at the intersection of 45th Street between 28th and 24th Avenues in Astoria after receiving word that materials believed to be radioactive, were discovered.

The owner of the home, who had died recently, donated his belongings to charity. While these items were in the process of being packed, a mysterious box was discovered bearing the universal symbol for radioactive fallout.

Inside the box contained only samples of rocks. Authorities from the city Department of Health were called in who used a Geiger counter that yielded a positive but low reading for radiation.

According to police, the radiation was not harmful and the materials have been removed from the site.

Vintage grenades were also discovered among the belongings.

One report, yet to be confirmed, told that one resident, who just moved into the property, was removed from this site by ambulance due to possible radiation sickness.

An air-conditioned city express bus was provided for residents who could not return home and had to wait it out while Hazmat and NYPD removed the dangerous materials.

–Jason D. Antos

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