2011-05-18 / Front Page

Motorists Face Tougher Driving Laws


The state senate this month approved legislation that would make texting while driving a primary offense under New York state law.
Under current state law, drivers may only be ticketed for texting while driving if they are caught in the act when stopped for another traffic violation. The new law allows police to ticket motorists caught texting while driving.
The measure is part of a package of six traffic safety bills that includes:
•An increase in penalties for passing a stopped school bus;
•Increased penalties for theft of a motor vehicle when a child under 16 has been left in the vehicle;
•A new law that makes it illegal for motorists to force their way into a funeral procession;
•A measure that prohibits the use of any device that affects a traffic control agent;
•A measure requiring judicial discretion when issuing a conditional driver’s license, or
•Increased penalties for drivers caught texting behind the wheel.
State Senator Michael Gianaris said about the legislation that was passed May 3, “Funerals should be given the respect of an uninterrupted procession. I was pleased to vote in favor of the legislation to end traffic interference of a funeral procession as we must be able to honor the deceased members of our community while maintaining safety on our roadways.”

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