2011-04-27 / Features

Gianaris Pledges To Continue Fighting For A Greener New York

State Senator Michael Gianaris (D-Astoria) celebrated Earth Day on April 22, by continuing his advocacy for stronger environmental laws to better protect and conserve our environment.

Gianaris is a longtime leader in the effort to clean the environment. Recently, he introduced a series of legislative proposals to ensure better environmental policies in New York state.

“Earth Day serves as an important reminder of our responsibility to the planet,” Gianaris said. “We cannot continue to take a reactive approach to environmental protection. My proposals would take proactive steps to safeguard our environment and prevent further damage.”

Gianaris introduced bills that would:

•Facilitate the implementation of Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative (RGGI), which is an agreement among Northeast states to reduce carbon dioxide emissions and generate funding for energy conservation and efficiency projects.

•Increase penalties for polluters and others who violate our environmental laws. In addition to fines, violators would be at risk of losing their permits or permit applications for power projects.

•Increase energy efficiency by establishing new standards for lights used in public buildings.

Gianaris’ first accomplishment as a legislator was his Clean Energy Act, which he authored and got passed in 2001. The Clean Energy Act encourages power companies to upgrade their facilities with new power plants that are cleaner and more efficient.

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