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College Radio Stations Offer Many Listening Options

By Cristina Guarino

Among popular radio stations such as Z100 and Hot 97, New Yorkers can enjoy a number of college radio stations on the air and online. College stations are entirely student-operated and usually host a number of entertaining talk shows, music and news updates depending on the station’s specialty.
Many colleges have radio stations, some of which are on the air and others that can only be accessed online. For example, Queens College’s radio station WQMC and Manhattan College’s radio station WRCM can only be heard on the Internet at www.wqmc.com and www.wrcmradio.org, respectively.
New York University’s station, WNYU, is considered to be one of New York’s most popular college radio stations. It is among the many on-air stations and can be listened to on FM station 89.1 or online at wnyu.org. Other stations that can be accessed from the city include Long Island University’s WCWP on 88.1 FM or ww.mywcwp.com, Barnard College’s WBAR on 87.9 FM or www.wbar.org, The College of Staten Island’s WSIA on 88.9 FM or http://wsia.csi.cuny.edu/ and University at Stony Brook’s WUSB on 90.1 FM or www.wusb.fm/. There are also public radio stations that hire college students such as WFUV on 90.7 FM or www.wfuv.org who hires students from Fordham University.
Some New Jersey stations can be accessed over the air from New York as well, such as Seaton Hall’s WSOU on 89.5 or www.wsou.net.
These stations all have different aims, from playing a wide variety of music to reporting news to specializing in a specific genre. WSOU, for example, advertises that it plays only “the loudest rock”, whereas WNYU can play a variety that includes “Psychedelic 60’s”, “Sports Talk” and “The New Afternoon Show: New indie rock, electronic, experimental, noise” in one evening.
However, even stations like WSOU offer enough variety to become prominent stations amongst popular larger names such as 92.3 NOW. They are a fun and useful sources for music, news and entertainment.

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