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Meng Protests Funding Cuts To Queens Library

Assemblymember Grace Meng (D-Flushing), a member of the Libraries Committee, met with staff members of Queens Library on March 2 to discuss many of the pressing issues affecting the library. The Queens Library like many other organizations is affected by the strains of the state’s tough economic situation. Meng believes that while funding cuts do have to be made, funding to the Queens Library must not be cut. In such challenging times, our residents need the critical services provided by the Queens Library more than ever. The Queens Library serves as a lifeline to those most in need, connecting people to information about job opportunities and careers. They also connect constituents to government, its services and public assistance programs. “The Queens Library is a vital institution that becomes so much more critical in challenging economic times. Queens Library offers a wide array of programs to help our residents. Queens Library’s Job Information Centers meet the needs of job seekers by assisting them with free computer classes in English, Spanish and Chinese and their librarians provide one-on-one assistance to teach them how to write their resumes and cover letters. Free ESOL training is also provided along with the means to prepare for high school equivalency exams. My colleagues and I will continue working tirelessly to ensure that the budget does not get balanced on the backs of the thousands of people who have been hit hardest by these tough times: immigrants, small businesses, children, adults, seniors and people searching for jobs,” Meng said.

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