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FDNY Warns Don’t Use Gasoline Products On Bedbugs

Queens fire officials last month issued a warning to borough residents to steer clear of gasoline or gasoline products to fight bedbug infestation at home.
FDNY officials said residents in Astoria have called 911 to report a gasoline odor coming from adjacent apartments in their buildings.
Firefighters responding to the calls discovered several incidents where residents poured gasoline on mattresses to kill bedbugs.
Allegedly a number of people, following dangerous, misleading advice had wiped gasoline on their own arms and their children’s arms to stop the bedbugs from biting, officials said.
Such incidents involving the use of extremely flammable gasoline prompted FDNY officials to issue the warning about fatal consequences that could result from the misguided use of gasoline to battle bedbugs. “This is not the first time we have issued this warning,” a fire spokesperson said. “We warn people over and over, just how dangerous it is to use gasoline or gasoline-based products in the home, but they don’t listen.”
Sources said, “Gasoline is a highly explosive compound that could ignite, pop and start a fatal blaze from something as simple as flicking a light switch.”
Officials are urging Queens residents to seek help with bedbug infestation, instead of trying to clear infestations on their own. Residents are urged to call 311 to seek assistance from the New York City Department of Health. Residents should also notify superintendents, maintenance workers, landlords and/or building management for help with bedbug infestation.
—Liz Goff

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