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Electeds Unite To Oppose Maspeth Bus Depot

On March 4 Councilmembers Jimmy Van Bramer, Elizabeth Crowley and Assemblymember Marge Markey united with local elected officials and concerned residents to speak out against the possible bus depot site in Maspeth. The site, proposed by the MTA, is located on 49th Street and Galasso Place and would be the third MTA depot in an area that is already saturated with commercial traffic. The rush job in selecting Maspeth as a potential site has raised concerns about the secretive process that gave no notice to the community or to local elected officials. “Maspeth cannot and will not be a dumping ground for MTA Depots,” Van Bramer said. “The attempt by the city and the MTA to consider this location without taking into consideration the environmental impact to the area or the community’s input is troubling. There are five other boroughs and the MTA and the city need to dump this depot somewhere else. Maspeth needs more green space, not additional traffic and pollution.” Although no final decision has been made by the MTA and the city as to where the bus depot will be placed, elected officials and Maspeth residents have pledged to  fight to protect their community. “Apparently the MTA doesn’t think it is bad enough that Maspeth residents already have to deal with a barrage of truck traffic. If they did, they wouldn’t be discussing the possibility of relocating a bus depot into the community, a move that would bring even more pollution, noise and disruption to Maspeth,” Crowley said. “Maspeth residents have been plagued by excessive traffic for far too long, and it is time for that to end. I urge the city to reconsider the plans to transplant the bus depot to Maspeth and to take into account both the concerns of the community and the impact on the environment. Maspeth residents must not only be heard, but listened to.”

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