2011-02-09 / Front Page

City Eyes Speed Cams For Local Streets

Police and city Department of Transportation (DOT) officials are hoping to install a series of speed cameras across the five boroughs to catch drivers who race along local streets, breaking the 30 mph speed limit.
The cameras, like the existing red light cameras, would record an image of the speeders and their vehicle’s license plate, DOT officials said. A ticket, featuring a photo of the offense, would be printed and mailed to the registered owner of the vehicle.
Officials at the two city agencies said the plan hit a snag when state lawmakers showed little interest. Installation of the cameras requires approval from the state legislature. A bill proposing installation of the cameras at 40 hot spots throughout the five boroughs, backed by DOT and transportation activists has stalled in Albany.
Red light cameras installed at city intersections won approval by state legislators, so police and DOT officials are hoping state lawmakers will take action during the new legislative session to approve the speed cams.
—Liz Goff

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