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Silvercup Studios Tells ‘Silvercup’ Hotel To Cease And Desist

 Owners of Silvercup Studios are suing operators of a Long Island City hotel for trademark infringement.

The lawsuit, filed in Brooklyn Federal Court, charges owners of the hotel at 29th Street and 39th Avenue in the Dutch Kills section of Long Island City,  have been advertising the hotel’s proximity to the Silvercup Studios, located at 22nd Street and 42nd Avenue. 

The bakery building was purchased by the Suna family in 1981 and was renovated to provide sound stages for television, film and commercial uses. The “Silvercup” sign at the top of the bakery building has served as an unofficial landmark for truckers and tourists traveling across the Queensboro Bridge.

After purchasing the building, the Suna family decided to leave the sign intact trading the word “Bakery” for “Studios”. The sign is now an official city landmark of the Long Island City waterfront.

The Silvercup Studios hosted production of “The Sopranos”, “Sex and The City”, along with numerous other films and commercial productions. NBC’s “30 Rock” and WB11’s “Gossip Girls” are each currently being filmed at Silvercup Studios.

The Suna family filed the lawsuit seeking an injunction to stop the hotel operators from using the Silvercup name in their advertising. The suit is seeking $200,000 in damages plus legal fees from the hotel operators.

–Liz Goff


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