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One-Act Play Submissions Deadline December 1

The Queens Players are calling for submissions for their 6th Annual Long Island City One Act Play Festival 2011.

For the last six years, The Queens Players has been able to give a voice to unheard playwrights, offer roles to actors that demonstrate their skill, and provide new directors with an opportunity to work in a professional setting.

While they specifically encourage participation from Queens based playwrights and artists, the festival is open to all playwrights and artists. Please send all materials in either Word document or PDF form along with a completed application before December 1.

This year’s prizes: Playwright Prize, $200 plus a commemorative trophy and gift certificate; Best Director Prize, $100 plus a commemorative trophy and gift certificate and Best Actor, $50 plus a commemorative trophy and gift certificate

Winners need to be in attendance at the closing awards event or must nominate a personal representative to accept the prize. Non attendance may result in disqualification at the discretion of the producers.


The play must be an original one act that has not been produced in the last 12 months.

By submitting your play you expressly grant us the non-exclusive right to produce it and guarantee that it has not been previously produced in the last 12 months and that a production is planned within three months of the closing date of the festival.

By submitting the play you warrant that you have read and agreed to the guidelines as published here.

If your play wins, a further extension of the nonexclusive rights to mount the show within six months of the closing date is granted.

The play must comply with the strict rule that all set, props and costume pieces must be able to be constructed/struck in no more than two minutes between the preceding and succeeding plays.

All costume, set, and prop requirements must be kept simple. There are no individual budgets for plays but The Queens Players and The Secret Theatre will lend assistance where possible. An individual playwright or director may contribute to their production at their own expense.

Directors and writers are encouraged to use stage blocks in place of furniture. The only exceptions are at the discretion of the producers.

A simple light plot with two specials is provided. No deviation or alteration to the lighting plot is allowed.

We encourage playwrights and directors to create characters and cast actors of all ethnicities and support cross gender casting where appropriate. However, plays with difficult to cast roles, minors, animals, seniors, have less chance of being accepted.

Plays can be from five to 25 minutes in length. Reasonable cuts or substitution are at the discretion of the producers. Writers will be informed and consulted where possible. In the event of a large edit or cut, [more than four sentences, the writer may withdraw the play from the festival.

Once a play has started, rehearsal and casting is complete, it is considered in production and the play may not be withdrawn from the festival.

The interpretation of the setting and characterization of the roles is left to the individual directors and actors’ discretion. Writers may not withdraw their material because of a disagreement about casting, design, or interpretation. Writers and directors are encouraged to meet and discuss issues before production begins if possible.

We welcome challenging material but respectfully reserve the right to refuse abusive or offensive material for any reason and have no duty to explain these decisions.

If your play is selected the director and cast will be chosen by the producers on behalf of The Queens Players.

Each writer gets two complimentary tickets and will be offered the opportunity to promote their show via a discount code for reduced admission

The winning play, director, and actor will be chosen by audience votes with the addition of three professional judges who will be in attendance on the closing evening.

Information for playwrights and participants will be posted on www.secrettheatre.com. To submit your play go to sixsubmissions@ thequeensplayers.com.

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