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Flushing Born Youth Excels At Filmmaking


Ever since Flushing born Dennis Latos was a little kid he dreamed of making movies.


Flushing native Dennis Latos is living his dream as an independent motion picture director.  Flushing native Dennis Latos is living his dream as an independent motion picture director. “I always loved going to the movies and would always ask my dad how movies were made,” Latos said.

He discovered his passion for filmmaking one summer while visiting family in Kefalonia, Greece. Using his uncle’s property and a small inexpensive handy cam, Latos made a short WW II film. Kids in the neighborhood dressed up as German soldiers and others as Greek soldiers. They used potatoes as grenades and guns made of papers that were colored black with some markers. A few packs of ketchup were used as blood.

When Latos was in high school, his father recognized his son’s talent and bought him a more sophisticated camera that allowed him to make more short films and improve his directing technique.

While in school, Latos got involved with MSG Varsity, part of the Long Island Sports Network for all high schools. MSG Varsity gave him a $1,000 check for his work.

Latos honed his skills at the New York Film Academy where he attended a four-week program for advanced filmmaking.

He then applied to a four-week filmmaking workshop in Dublin, Ireland with New York University’s Tisch School of the Arts. He completed the course with an A.

Latos attended Emerson College in Boston. When his father was diagnosed with prostate cancer, he decided to return home and attend Hofstra University where he is currently studying communications. He plans to stay for a year and transfer out to the University of Southern California’s School of Cinematic Arts. After graduation, Latos wants to go to graduate school at USC to receive his masters in film. Finally, it will be onto Los Angeles to begin his career as a film director.

Latos shot a 22-minute documentary with close friend Michael Gerasimou that portrays poverty in New York City.

Currently, Latos is finishing work on a music video titled “Do My Thang” which will be released on YouTube and Facebook on November 15. He will begin work on the film “Mafia Stories Part II” which he hopes to release next year under his independent production company, LatosFilm.

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