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Letters to the Editor

Is It A Bike Path Or Not? To The Editor:

The city is doing a great job promoting bike riding on our streets, with bike lanes painted on roads and bike path signs installed on the side of the streets. Recently I took my bike out for a ride in Astoria and followed signs on 27th Avenue to “waterfront bike path”.

As I rode along by the waterfront, two police officers from Ravenswood Houses stopped me and issued me a ticket for “riding on the sidewalk”. I pointed out all the signs and markings leading to [the] path, and informed them that it is also listed as a bike path on the 2010 NYC cycling map, but to no avail. I had to go to court to get this ridiculous ticket dismissed.

The city with one hand promotes bike riding and exercising, and with the other hand, writes us tickets for taking its advice.
Mike Walsh

Constitutional Convention

To The Editor:

There is a lot of talk lately about having a Constitutional Convention. The purpose of this is to revise the U.S. Constitution. While many people may be in favor of this, it can be very dangerous. While the convention can be called to consider a specific agenda such as term limits or a balanced budget, there is no effective way to limit its actions. Our Constitution could be abolished in its entirety during a convention. James Madison was present at the first Constitutional Convention and he personally witnessed the difficulties and dangers of that convention and he shuddered to think what a second Constitutional Convention would bring. Our Constitution is considered a miracle by some of its authors and it is still relevant today, if Congress would only obey it. If it needs to be repaired, it could be dealt with by specific amendments. Our Constitution should remain as it is and all attempts at a Constitutional Convention should be avoided.
Janet McCarthy
Flushing, N.Y.

Kudos To Padavan

To The Editor:

I have never been one much for politics. However, since moving into Flushing North six years ago, I have gone to many civic and community events in order to get to know our neighborhood (i.e., community awareness, emergency tactics, tree lightings, etc.) It never ceases to amaze me that each time I attended a meeting Frank Padavan was present. And not just making a quick appearance and leaving after a short period of time. Senator Padavan takes the time to answer questions, shake the hands of those that offer theirs and seems to genuinely care. He has boundless energy. This is the type of person who should be in politics. It appears that he does what he does because he enjoys it and wants to make a difference, not just to be in the limelight like most politicians. He works for his constituency tirelessly. We should have more people like Senator Padavan in office and life might just get better. am proud to stand behind him. Good luck to
Senator Padavan!
Donna McLernon
Flushing, NY


To The Editor:

The firing of Juan Williams by NPR is a violation of free speech. Democrats should denounce such restriction of expression rather than remain silent or even vocally cheer as did so many on the right at the viewpoint-based firing of Octavia Nasr, Helen Thomas, Rick Sanchez, Eason Jordon, Phil Donahue, Ashleigh Banfield, Bill Maher, Ward Churchill, Chas Freeman, Van Jones and so many others. These are the same preventers of free speech who now spend all day wrapping themselves in the flag of free expression and screeching about the perils and evils of firing journalists for expressing certain viewpoints.

This is hardly shocking even for someone who expects huge doses of principle-free hypocrisy from them. Their behavior is really something to behold. These are the same hypocrites that denounce legislating from the bench except for the de-legalization of abortion or after more than a century, re-defining and proclaiming corporations as a “Person” with the same freedom of speech. Now a corporation of thousands is deemed “one person, one vote”. They have and are contributing unlimited millions as well as undisclosed sums of money to the campaigns of candidates that will most benefit their mega-corps as well as their foreign investors and any other rulings that conform to their agenda.

The left wing should allow full freedom of expression lest we become a conscience-bereaved carbon copy of the Pecksniffian self-proclaimed, present day “Righteous” Right. As for Williams; smart deal. Less than 24 hours after the firing, Williams is signed by FOX with a pay hike that will net him close to $2 million over three years, according to the Los Angeles Times. What a lucky coincidence for him.
Arlene Philomena
Bayside, NY

Passengers Give Thanks

To The Editor:

It looks like we may be getting our request to move the drop-off stops [for the Q101] by the 59th Street Bridge.

If a passenger requests to be taken to Second Avenue in order to avoid the dangerous area [in Queens Plaza], it will be OK.

Thanks again for helping all the passengers on the Q101 going to Manhattan.

Thanks again for helping us to get the word out on behalf of all the Q101 bus passengers. Four stars to the Queens Gazette.
Bob Boggs
Astoria, NY


To The Editor:

Thank you for publishing Sofia Landon Geier’s terrific review of our show, Colombia; Passion & Soul.

We’ve posted links to it on our Facebook page and our Web site.

We hope you’ll continue to cover us and all of the arts in Queens.

Thanks again.
Kathy Giaimo
Administrative Director
Thalia Spanish Theatre

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