2010-10-20 / Features

Where Do Whoopie Pies Come From?

Whoopie Pies (more on them later) and a great deal more come out of the ovens and offices of the Entrepreneur’s Space. This the latest project of the Queens Economic Development Corporation to assist newbie businesses. For the last 30 years, the QEDC has helped people start and expand their businesses. Now the agency is practicing what it preaches and going where few non-profits dare to go—we’re opening a business incubator. Queens EDC is proud to announce the Entrepreneur’s Space An Incubator for Food & Business. Located at 36-46 37th St. in Long Island City, the Entrepreneur’s Space provides a commercial kitchen on a 24/7 basis, offices, class and conference rooms, along with business counseling and technical assistance for emerging entrepreneurs seeking to make the leap from their home to the real world. Looking for a place to manufacture that salsa recipe you’ve been perfecting?  Terrified of a client showing up unexpectedly at your home office suite and being met by your cat?  Or you just received an order for 3,000 cabbage perogis and your spouse threatens to leave you if you don’t do the cooking elsewhere?  The Entrepreneur’s Space is designed for you. Queens EDC is putting the final touches on the Entrepreneur’s Space. The paint is dry, the carpeting has been laid and energy-efficient lighting is being installed.  We’re indebted to a host of supporters and partners: New York City Economic Development Corporation, Consortium for Worker Education, Mi Kitchen es su Kitchen©, Con Edison, and many others.  But most important, we commend the Board of Directors of the QEDC for believing that the Entrepreneur’s Space will be a great asset to all emerging businesses in our borough and the region. The Entrepreneur’s Space opens officially next month, but the kitchen is already cooking.  And, if you want to taste a great Whoopie Pie—the next big thing—then go online to www.wannahavacookie.com and order a batch. 

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