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Bloomberg Views Queens Storm Damage

Photo Dan Miller/DMD Images
Photo Dan Miller/DMD Images  The press caught up with Mayor Michael Bloomberg near 111th Street and 52nd Avenue last Thursday night as the mayor viewed the damage wrought by a tornado and a macroburst, a concentrated draft of air that bursts from a thunderstorm with winds that can exceed 150 miles per hour and that can damage buildings and blow down trees, throughout a large portion of Queens. “The car behind me that you see is damaged, but I’ve just talked to the man who was driving it and he’s a bit shaken up, but fortunately, he’s okay,” the mayor said. “Unfortunately there has been at least one fatality on the Grand Central. The good news is that most people were safe, just annoyed–traffic being bad or a tree coming down in their yard. I know Con Ed is working hard to get the power back up by morning. Just exercise some caution. There may be some branches still around. We’ll try to clean up as much as we can overnight. We’ve got crews out there working and the Office of Emergency Management is fully staffed and will stay fully staffed until everybody’s back to normal.”



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