2010-08-04 / Editorials

‘A’ Grade Queens Eatery Leads The Way

The first restaurant/food service establishment in the five boroughs to receive an “A” rating for sanitary conditions from the city Health Department is located at 28-31 Borden Ave. in Long Island City. Last Wednesday morning Dr. Thomas Farley, commissioner of the city Department of Health and Mental Hygiene, presented a placard with the letter “A” in bright blue on a white background to Sparks’ Deli owners Jose and Antonio Araujo and congratulated them for their performance on an unannounced sanitary inspection.

Grades are awarded based on cleanliness and whether food is kept at the right temperature. According to the new letter grading system, restaurants throughout the city receive an A, B or C grade, or fail the inspection altogether. A score of 10 to 13 qualifies as an A. Establishments earning a grade lower than an A the first time will have a chance to bring the grade up before they must by law display a B or a C.

We are willing to wager that restaurants in the borough of Queens will be racking up many more “A” grades as the inspection process moves forward. This borough is known for its diverse population and it stands to reason that the many different cultures and ethnic groups who come from all corners of the world to make Queens their home have brought a whole spectrum of varied cuisines with them. In turn, they offer those cuisines to their compatriots and anyone else who wishes to venture on a gastronomic grand tour.

Queens is fortunate, indeed, to present such a wide variety of comestibles prepared as one would find them in their places of origin. We have said it before and we say it again: you can travel the world in a few short blocks in any part of this borough—and that goes for gastronomic travel as well. There is no need to travel the world when the world is willing to come to you–and for far less than the price of a plane ticket, as well. Stay home in Queens and take your taste buds around the world that awaits you on almost every block.

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