2010-05-12 / Features

Former Monserrate Aide Busted In Spat With Cop

By Liz Goff

Police said a former aide to former Senator Hiram Monserrate is facing seven years behind bars after he cursed at a police officer to avoid arrest on May 2.
Wayne Mahike, 48, who was stopped at a red light near the Queensboro Bridge in Long Island City at about 9 p.m. saw Police Officer Denise McDonald on foot patrol. As P.O. McDonald walked by Mahike, who was in his 2009 Honda Civic, Mahike shouted, “Why don’t you do your job, you fat b-----”.
McDonald, a 19-year NYPD veteran responded to the unprovoked verbal attack asking Mahike for his driver’s license. When Mahike tried to drive the car past her she stepped in front of the vehicle preventing him from driving away.
According to police sources Mahike then showed McDonald an official state senate business placard trying to impress her. When that didn’t work Mahike showed a phony NYPD placard and tried to pull rank on her.
“He told her she didn’t know who he was [and] that he had more rank than she did.” He then tried to make Mahike believe he was working for Mayor [Michael] Bloomberg.
Mahike, of Elmhurst, was charged with failing to obey a police officer, presenting a forged police placard and for driving with an expired license

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