2009-11-25 / Editorials

Thanksgiving Brings Hope To All

The world is a mess, the United States included. There seems little reason to give thanks. This is not the first time in our history that we have entertained such thoughts. In 1863 the Civil War had been raging for more than two years, its outcome still in doubt, when President Abraham Lincoln designated the last Thursday in November as a national Day of Thanksgiving. Seventy-eight years later the tradition became law, again in an eventful year in the nation’s history. Less than two weeks after Thanksgiving 1941 the United States would be drawn into the war raging across Europe and the Pacific. In 1963, Thanksgiving Day came less than a week after the assassination of President John F. Kennedy left the nation feeling rudderless and without hope.

In 1863, 1941, 1963 and now in 2009, the idea of Thanksgiving—of expressing thanks for blessings received—is a worthy one that is rich with the hope for a better tomorrow. We are still the leader of the developed world. Immigrants still flock to our shores in pursuit of a better life—and find it. This newspaper carries in its Calendar section notices of organizations that will share the prosperity of their members with the communities where they are headquartered by hosting Thanksgiving Day dinners with anyone who walks in the door as their guest. Compassion and kindness still govern our actions more often than not.

On Thanksgiving Day 2009 we at the Gazette will give thanks for the chance to serve you, our readers. It is our responsibility, our obligation and our privilege to bring you, as our motto says, a vital, community oriented view of the news in as timely a manner as possible. We thank you for allowing us to do just that.

From all of us to all of you, Happy Thanksgiving Day 2009.

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