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‘Opa! The Musical’ Highlights Immigrants’ Dilemma

should I go? This is the question people from other lands have debated from time immemorial with regard to immigration. The plight of the immigrant has been well documented. The trials and travails of leaving behind what you know and where you were born for a vast unknown is a question few of us want to explore. Short of those who must leave from reason of famine or war, the question lingers: will I be better off in a foreign land, trying to build anew, or should I stay

Photo Scott Borowka Some “Opa! The Musical” cast members in a poignant moment. Photo Scott Borowka Some “Opa! The Musical” cast members in a poignant moment. and make the most of it?

“Opa! The Musical”, a new musical about life and love on a forgotten Greek isle, delves into these very issues. The two-act production from a book by Mari Carras and Laurel Ollstein is being performed at Queens Theater in the Park through October 25, the early stages of what will probably become a Broadway run. The rousing music was written by Nicholas Carras and Elise Morris with lyrics by Mari Carras and Donald Eugster. The entertaining, witty production is beautifully choreographed by Sam Viverito and Greek dance consultant Anthoula Katsimatides, who also plays a sexy Greek woman. Other cast members include John Allen Biles, Demetrios Bonaros, Michael Freeman, Carolee Goodgold, Shauna Goodgold, Ron Johnson, Evangelia Kingsely, Jesse Manocherian, Marci Reid and Patrick Riviere. –Tony Barsamian

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