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Letters to the Editor

Sanctions Have No Effect To The Editor:

The Iranians' revelation of an unknown nuclear enrichment site proves that sanctions have had no effect. Regardless of the outrage by the international community, Iranians have proceeded with a program to develop nuclear weapons. Penalties which are economic have had no effect upon an Iranian foreign policy dedicated to a theology.

The world is in a perilous position as a result of the Iranian nuclear quest. Israel will not forestall attacking the nuclear facilities if and when they believe a bomb is imminent. Iran's declared intentions of annihilating the Jewish State provide no alternatives. The consequences of an Israeli attack on the Iranian nuclear sites would be immediate possibly bringing into direct conflict Russia, China, the U.S., Britain and France.

The Western Powers led by President Obama have made it clear that the time to negotiate a peaceful resolution will shortly expire. The revelation of the previously undisclosed Iranian nuclear facility provides little hope for peaceful negotiations.

Russia, China and Germany have foreign and economic reason to oppose effective sanctions on the Iranians. Their opposition may compel the U.S. and others to launch a military intervention, the results of which would be globally destabilizing.

During the U.S. invasion of Iraq the Iranian Mullahs temporarily halted nuclear development. The Mullahs and Ahmadinejad are playing a game of chicken with the Obama Administration. Considering the joint statement by the leaders of France, Britain and the U.S. it is a game that could seriously backfire on the Iranians subjecting the world to the worst crisis since the Cuban Missile confrontation. Edward Horn Baldwin

Get Out Of UN To The Editor:

As the 64th anniversary of the founding of the United Nations approaches in October, we should consider what a threat the UN poses to our liberty and whether we should remain in the United Nations at all.

Why would our U.S. Senate even consider strengthening the corrupt United Nations? The ambition of the UN for world domination is obvious.

Before the Senate are UN "treaties" which would grant the global body control over our children (Convention on the Rights of the Child), control of the world's oceans, including fishing, oil, mineral and navigation rights (The Law of the Sea Treaty), and a court system that would supersede all our constitutional protections as American citizens (The International Criminal Court Treaty). See jbs.org.

How can the Senate delegate such extraconstitutional powers it does not have itself? What treason against the American people! Can we expect justice from the UN oil for food criminals?

America has a unique culture of freedom, self-rule and independence. People worldwide seek and need what we offer. Will our Senate exchange this for the dictates of UN gangsters?

We should get out of the UN and kick the UN out of the United States! God save our republic, Lawrence Burke Roslyn, New York

Calls Were Not Received To The Editor:

I would like to submit a retraction regarding the article written by Liz Goff entitled "Community Seeks to Preserve Dutch Kills History in Millstones" in the September 30 issue of the Queens Gazette.

As president, I have always been receptive to questions from reporters regarding community issues. However, Liz Goff writes "Officials at the Astoria Historical Society, who recently express[ed] concern over the fate of the stones, did not return Gazette calls for comment."

This statement is simply not true.

The phone at the Greater Astoria Historical Society has voice mail and no messages were left from any reporter from the Queens Gazette. The historical society has an e-mail where she could have sent a question and asked me to phone her, and lately, all of our press releases to the Gazette contain a personal cellphone number.

Exactly where did this reporter leave the calls for comment? Regards, Richard Melnick President Greater Astoria Historical Society

The Gazette regrets the misunderstanding.

Takes Exception To The Editor:

I totally disagree with the views expressed in your edition concerning Gov. David Paterson. (John Toscano, I On Politics, September 24), Even the title is crass "dump"! I believe it is up to New Yorkers to determine who we want as governor.

If the President has certain feelings (political) about our governor it should have been done in private in a more courteous and suitable manner. From what I have heard, the majority of New Yorkers feel the same.

Our Governor and policy makers have certain problems but I think Mr. Paterson is making every effort to help the situation improve.

Personally I would like to see the executive branch make some positive efforts to improve the economic situation in this country. Many people are suffering as are their families. Yours truly Doris Weintraub Maspeth

No Third Term To The Editor:

I'm writing to disagree with the Gazette's endorsement of Michael Bloomberg for Mayor. [Sept. 30, 2009].

The citizenry of New York twice voted for term limits of two terms in the recent past. Bloomberg wants a third term.

Our City Council voted to extend the term limits for four more years but I feel there was a lot of pressure by Bloomberg and the self serving interests of the council made a memory of the vote.

One can recall Mayor [Rudy] Giuliani doing an effective job during the 9/11 tragedy. His second term was coming to an end and he suggested that he keep on serving after his term was over because of the emergency. There was a great deal of objection and Giuliani backed off. The city survived.

Bloomberg has been a good mayor, but I believe he should respect the will of the voters and not run for a third term. I think the city will survive. Sincerely John Sherman Long Island City

LIRR Doorbells Disturb To The Editor:

Last spring, the LIRR began to add new expensive train doorbells that can be heard blocks away from its stations, binging and dinging throughout the day and night.

Previously, those of us who've lived alongside LIRR stations and tracks for 20 years and more never heard a train door chime except when standing on the station platform. According to several LIRR conductors and one LIRR Public Affairs official, the new doorbells' "advanced technology" has no volume control. When LIRR Public Affairs officials were questioned about this latest LIRR noise pollution outrage to hit thousands of hapless residents who live along the LIRR right of way, one official stated that LIRR was trying to help commuters who were "deaf". DEAF? Do you mean those who would hear nothing? The LIRR official then explained that the railroad was also concerned about keeping "the drunks" riding the trains safer. Really?

In the 20-plus years that we have been commuting on the LIRR, we've never witnessed commuters with hearing aids having difficulty in figuring out that the train doors open and close when a train comes into a station. In addition, the conductor is still required to stick his/her head out of the window to make sure all is well before closing the doors and moving the train out of the station. Common sense and common decency require that those new LIRR train doorbells be switched off. Now! Katherine Liepe-Levinson Martin H. Levinson Forest Hills Has Her Say To The Editor:

The September issue of the Gazette was interesting, full of insightful articles. I appreciate the letters written by many of our readers and they inspire me to share as well. I am dismayed that there was again a small turnout at the runoff Primary Elections. It seems to me that so many citizens complain about their political leaders and do not cast their ballots in any elections. Then they have no right to complain and we all must make our voices heard by voting and must never take that right for granted. Perhaps the elimination of primaries and runoffs should be thought about and considered and one general election should occur for each party. Then the one with the most votes wins. That will save money and time.

I applaud our new Senator Gillibrand for caring about senior citizens being victims of fraud. These telemarketers, shady investors, and scams should not exist or cause undo stress for senior citizens who have enough on their plate of problems in their lives to handle. I applaud her praising senior citizens and agree with her wholeheartedly.

I am also sorry that District 30 is having problems with their schools and hope that they can be solved. Cooperation is necessary for all in order to get things done.

I also applaud [Captain] Sully for his flying again. He was the man who performed the miracle on the Hudson in January of 2009. That shows extreme courage and resolve for him to continue and never let defeat or despair stop him.

I am glad that Queens will have a Columbus Day Parade and the Italian people have done so much for our country and contributed so many different flavors to our history.

I am sorry that our trees are having diseases and they should be treated in their early stages. Trees are beautiful and also environmentally valuable for all generations to cherish.

I do not agree with our president to have the Olympics in Chicago at a future date since that may cause terrorism and other problems. The lessons with what happened in Munich in 1972 must be taken to heart before any Olympics come here to our nation. [Editor's Note: Rio de Janeiro will host the 2016 Olympic Games.]

I hope that the debates for the mayoral election will contain meaningful statements and not name calling, bashing, slandering gossiping and hurtful statements. That is why voters are turned off.

I applaud our governor for refusing to submit to defeat and he should run again [sic]. He is a victim of circumstances. I also applaud John Liu for his victory. That shows that drive, determination and persistence including skill and hard work pays off and he is an example and inspiration for the Asian population of our city. I am thrilled that all ethnic groups are being part of the political arena and our governor, who is legally blind, is also holding public office. These show how democracy is such a precious gift and we must preserve it and cherish it and never take it for granted. I agree with the reopening of the three closed hospitals. There is a need for them in times of pandemic and in general since Queens is the largest populated borough of all demographic groups. Hospitals are necessary in all times, but our city is subject to terrorism and they are needed the most in those troubled times, God forbid.

I also applaud what the NYPD, FBI and CIA have done to foil the terrorism plans. We do need more money for homeland security and a safety ring around the New York area to detect dirty bombs and I agree with the mayor on that subject.

Also, bringing a bowl game of football here in the dead of winter in the open air stadium is great and will bring so much needed revenue to the city. Football used to be played in the open and I agree with the mayor on that subject.

I remember the World's Fair of 1965 when I was a teenager and the N.Y. state Pavilion should be renovated and used for cultural and educational purposes. That was quite a feat of unique architecture. Cynthia Groopman Long Island City

No Comeback For Spitzer To The Editor:

Eliot Spitzer is rumored to be thinking of running for public office again. Well, I wouldn't vote for him for dog catcher. Former Governor Spitzer was a disgrace. He betrayed his wife, his family and all the people of this great state of New York who voted for him. He acted like a dictator with the legislature and let's not forget troopergate.

Now in my view, instead of voting for client #9, I think Ashley Dupre, who was his escort, should run for saying how she dislikes dishonest people who say one thing and do another. Well, I dislike dishonest politicians that abuse their powers. To Ashley Dupre for turning her life around, let me say, "You go, girl." Frederick R. Bedell Jr. Glen Oaks Village

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