2009-09-09 / Restaurant of the Week

Brasillianville Cafe Grill

We arrived at Brasillianville Café Grill at the start of the dinner hours, just as the chefs were bringing tray after tray of delectable dishes from the kitchen.

Over a dozen piping hot trays were brought to the steam-warmed buffet table for all to enjoy. As soon as those delicious Brazilian delicacies are depleted, the friendly staff brings out more to the delight of the crowds that come to Brasillianville Café Grill for the bountiful buffet and the sizzling hot churrasca that grills the best meats and chicken.

Owner Deilson Teixeira opened his Café & Grill about five years ago, and works tirelessly to keep his steady customers and new customers happy. Chef Larry took me through the array of dishes offered that evening and explained that Tuesday nights features a Brazilian specialty called "acaraje" made with beans, shrimp and codfish in a flavorful sauce, layered on homemade fried bread. The lineup changes every night to keep the steady customers pleased while offering the freshest dishes possible. Racks of barbecued ribs were glistening with their flavorful sauce, while slices of grilled sweet potatoes lay nearby. Skewers with chunks of fried chicken taunt you, or you may choose roasted herbed chicken. Tender brisket of beef is slow roasted and cuts with a fork. There's a considerable Italian population in Brazil and so Brasillianville features some pasta dishes each night. Tonight's was tortellini, but I've also had their rich lasagna in the past. Tender chicken cutlets are prepared Francese style with a light lemony sauce, and there are plenty of fresh sautéed vegetables. Nearly all Brazilian meals include fluffy white rice and beans. Here, you may choose either red or black beans, but don't skip the addictive corn soufflé.

On the cold buffet, you'll find freshly tossed salads, marinated beets, grilled vegetables, tabouleh and Russian style potato salad and more. Their vinaigrette dressing goes well on the fabulous meats from the churrasca. Best of all, the items on the extensive buffet cost just $4.99 per pound. The self-serve concept is great because you select just what you want, and pay for the amount you take.




For just $5.99 per pound, you can add to the buffet with the legendary meats from the grill. The expert grill man tends to the churrasca, which holds giant steel skewers laced with the finest beef, pork, chicken and sausage, slow roasted over an open

flame. We sampled sublimely tender filet of beef tenderloin called "picanha", that is sliced to order off the skewer, sprinkled with sea salt and then replaced for more slow-cooking. Next, we tried the beef short ribs which fell off the bone and melted in our mouths. Marinated skirt steak is also a meat lover's dream. A decadent treat is tender pork tenderloin wrapped in smoky bacon made crisp over the open flame. There are also sweet and flavorful barbecued sausages, in both pork and chicken varieties and tender chicken legs and chicken hearts, a Brazilian delicacy. You can also order meat alone for just $6.99 per pound, a real bargain when you consider that all the work has been done for you. This is a great option for apartment dwellers who cannot barbecue themselves. Just take it home and dinner is made. Wash it all down with Brahma beer from Brazil, fruit juices or Brazilian soft drinks.

Special desserts were prepared this night including a super moist and delicious chocolate layer cake, chocolate cake with coconut, tapioca cake, coconut cake, an assortment of fine pastries and "cocada", made from coconut and condensed milk. Light and creamy flan and coconut flan are also on hand, along with an array of daily special desserts in the refrigerated display case.

Visit at lunchtime for their savory sandwiches made on chewy rolls filled with sliced beef, pork and chicken. An array of homemade soups is available each day. You can even pick out a chicken croquette or empañada from their bakery section to enjoy as an appetizer or a light snack.

Brasillianville Café Grill is open seven days a week for lunch or dinner. To keep prices low, only cash is accepted. Come savor the flavors and diversity of Brazilian cuisine at Brasillianville Café Grill.

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