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Kimisis Church Feast Day Celebrated By Tri-State Residents In Hamptons

Kimisis Church Feast Day Celebrated By Tri-State Residents In Hamptons


by Catherine Tsounis
August 14 and August 15 are special to all Orthodox Christians, “This is a time we celebrate the Dormition of the most superb human being, the Panagia,” said His Eminence, Archbishop Demetrios, Primate of the Greek Orthodox Church of America.

The largest number of churches and monasteries dedicated to the Panagia, some 39, are in Constantinople, the second major area is Mount Athos with 12 churches and monasteries. It is called the Garden of Panagia.

The future is not war and economic crisis, the future is the church, Panagia and the saints as a comfort and positive perspective were the inspirational thoughts expressed at the August 15 Feast Day services of the Kimisis Tis Theotokou Greek Orthodox Church of the Hamptons.

People from the tri-state area who attended the Vespers on August 14 were honored to hear Greek Orthodox clergy such as Rev. Alexander Karloutsos and Rev. Constantine Lazerakis, Kimisis Tis Theotokou Church of Southampton; Rev. Dennis Strouzas, Archangel Michael Church; Rev. John Kefalas, St. John’s Church, Blue Point; Rev. Demetrios Moraitis, St. Paraskevi Church; Rev. Mark Arey, Greek Orthodox Archdiocese, and Very Rev. Basil Summer of the Orthodox Church in America, perform the liturgy. 

“Without Panagia there would not be Jesus,” said Rev. Mark Arey, who delivered the sermon. “He took his humanity from the Panagia. She is the ark of the covenant.” Throughout his sermon, Arey used Greek phrases in an energetic, dynamic style that appeals to the Mediterranean temperament of the parishioners.

Arey said, “I was raised Protestant,” but converted to Greek Orthodoxy. He represents the current trend in Greek Orthodoxy by appealing to persons of all backgrounds.

Bilingual chanting was performed by youth from non-native-speaking families of mixed Greek and American descent.  A luncheon, attended by 500 people, followed on the church grounds.

Rev. Karloutsos said, “We have the great honor of having His Eminence celebrate our Feast Day. This is his church, as [are] all the churches are in the Archdiocese.”


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