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Laguardia Seafood Restaurant

L aGuardia Seafood Restaurant is an expansive, new eatery with an extraordinary selection of fresh, high quality fish and seafood, meat, chicken and vegetable dishes prepared Asian style. The airy, comfortable dining room has plenty of seating for families large and small, as well as cozy booths for two. The concept is simple: help yourself to as much of these fabulous dishes as you'd like and go back for more, all for the dinner price of $15.95 weeknights / $25.95 weekends. Visit for lunch now and take advantage of 50% off the regular lunch price of $12.95.

L The buffet at LaGuardia Seafood Restaurant offers plenty of selections without being overwhelming, so everything is fresh and dishes are replenished from the kitchen constantly. Perhaps the most visually stunning area is the extensive sushi bar and raw bar, manned by skilled sushi chefs who prepare an incredible selection of sushi, sashimi and dozens of varieties of rolls right in front of you. The tuna is so fresh, it is deep pink in color and nearly translucent. The bright colors of rich salmon and steamed shrimp wrapped around delicate mounds of sushi rice are too good to resist, but you don't have to because you can just help yourself to one of each and create your own sampling platter. Just behind the sushi is the raw bar, where juicy oysters, clams on the half shell and shrimp in their skins beckon. Steamed whole crabs rest nearby, all on a bed of crushed ice.

Next, we visited the special dim sum table where the Shanghai-trained chefs create magic with dozens of delicate little dumplings and delicacies that, when eaten together, make a traditional Chinese meal, usually eaten in late morning. Open the steam baskets to reveal tasty shrimp dumplings, pork dumplings and little parcels of sticky rice and meat wrapped in a leaf and tied with thread. Crispy golden spring rolls are filled with shrimp and egg and three varieties of soup, including Ginseng soup, reflect the richness and variety in Chinese cuisine.

On another visit to the buffet, we feasted on a sampling of main courses that include the freshest fish money can buy, chicken dishes, rice and noodle dishes, and plenty of vibrant vegetables. It is important to note that Shanghai style cooking is neither oily nor salty. Minimal preparation allows the fresh flavors to come through and you'll really taste the difference at LaGuardia Seafood Restaurant. Tender fillet of flounder is gently wrapped around a filling of crab meat, then pan-fried until golden. Fresh salmon is prepared with a hollandaise sauce and herbs and small tilapia fish are cooked whole with spicy bean curd for the taking. Enormous prawns are pan fried in crunchy salt batter and are so meaty and sweet inside. Jumbo shrimp are cooked in a creamy fruit sauce for those who enjoy the combination of sweet and savory. As I perused the bounty, a steaming hot tray of tiny clams in pretty shells arrived, cooked in black bean sauce that was just delicious. Sautéed crab legs are prepared with mini rice cakes in a light, golden sauce, or get cracking on some steamed king crab legs, served with melted butter. It's difficult to resist the deep fried fish fillet, and this one is so crunchy and light, you won't have to.

One of the nice things about LaGuardia Seafood Restaurant is the wide selection of dishes, so that even if someone in your party doesn't eat seafood, there are a host of choices in meat, chicken and noodles. Tender short ribs of beef just fall off the bone, while the sliced roast pork is marinated in savory spices. Chicken with broccoli is made with tender breast of chicken and al dente broccoli with a light sauce that is not salty. Sweet and sour chicken is available, along with thick Shanghai style noodles and fried rice that is light and flavorful.

Each time you leave your table, the efficient wait staff clears your dish so you can start again. Soft drinks, wine and beer are available at a reasonable price. Sweeten your palate with a variety of fresh fruit and desserts, including coconut flan, cheesecake tart, strawberry shortcake, chocolate brownies and a soft-serve ice cream machine that the kids will love.

LaGuardia Seafood Restaurant welcomes you with the finest, freshest seafood, meat and chicken dishes and a stunning variety of sushi, sashimi and an impressive dim sum table. Visit soon and bring the whole family who will surely find their favorites among this bountiful buffet. A private party room is available and accommodates up to 200 people with a dj/karaoke station for your next private or business event. See their ad for the special promotion price for lunch.

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