2009-03-04 / Features

Akila Couloumbis, Actor, Director, Dies At Age 76

Akila Couloumbis of Keystone Heights, Florida, formerly of Newberry, Florida, and Astoria, New York, died Saturday, February 14, at Specialty Hospital in Gainesville, Florida. He was 76 years old. A well-known actor and director, Couloumbis established the Theater for the Forgotten and was a member of the Screen Actors Guild, Actors Equity and the Democratic Party.

Couloumbis was born in Utica, New York to Fotty and Nicky Couloumbis, both now deceased, and served in the United States Air Force. He is survived by his wife of 41 years, Audrey Peyton, children Nikki and Akila Couloumbis; a brother, Peter Couloumbis; a sister, Aspasia Christopher; an aunt, Adrienne Livadas, and a cousin, Foti Couloumbis

.--Catherine Tsounis

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