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New York Diner Established 1949

Hustle into the bustling New York Diner and you'll be treated to an old-fashioned diner experience punctuated by great food and friendly service. This retro tin diner is the real thing, in business since 1949 and still going strong. Located on Northern

By Teresa Barile

Blvd. on a parcel of land the size of a postage stamp, this little diner really packs them in, serving breakfast, lunch and dinner like no one else can, seven days a week.

It all begins at 5a.m. when the first eggs get cracked to create the breakfasts that have made the New York Diner famous. The grill sizzles continuously with eggs, bacon and sausage that go into their popular breakfast specials, served Monday to Friday from 5a.m. until 11a.m. For just $2.75, the basic two-eggs, home fries and toast platter is a good way to start your day. Choose the "Wake Up" omelet made with three fresh eggs, ham, bacon and sausage, served with potatoes and coffee for just $5.25. Corned beef hash makes your eggs taste even better, cooked till golden brown. Don't let the name fool you; the "Heart Attack" is a jumbo hero roll filled with 2 eggs, bacon, cheese and potatoes that is very popular due to its heft and portability. All breakfasts can be swiftly packed up to go with you, and orders just fly out the door with fast, free delivery. If you're going to be shoveling snow, laying bricks, or climbing mountains, try the "Sandwich to hold you till lunch". Juicy steak and eggs, cheese and potatoes are piled onto a jumbo roll to make your hunger a distant memory.

I devoured the golden French toast, served steaming hot off the griddle with wild Maine blueberries and bananas, just as I requested. My dining companion made short work of a generous platter of banana pancakes, made extra special because the bananas are cooked into the pancake, giving them a special sweetness, topped with a cloud of whipped cream. Fresh squeezed orange juice and New York Diner's delicious coffee are the perfect accompaniments and the friendly, attentive wait staff is always on hand to refill your robust cup of joe. All omelets at New York Diner are made with three eggs and there's no additional charge for egg whites only. Cheese omelets (my favorite) can be filled with your choice of American, Swiss, feta or mozzarella cheese. Meat lovers can fill their omelet with bacon, ham, sausage or salami, while the vegetarian omelet features peppers, onions, tomatoes and spinach ($5.50) and all omelets come with home fries and toast. Hot cooked oatmeal is delicious, fat free and cholesterol free and can be topped as you wish with blueberries, bananas, raisins, cinnamon or brown sugar.


The lunch items are so substantial in size and economical in price, many patrons take them home for dinner. Daily lunch specials are faxed to local businesses each day to tout the tempting dishes. Mondays feature pasta primavera, loaded with tender grilled chicken and vegetables, or chicken sautéed in teriyaki sauce, served over fluffy rice ($7.95). Tuesday's brisket of beef or home style meat loaf with mashed potatoes keeps everyone happy with comfort food made for the season. The classic Greek gyro sandwich on pita with yogurt sauce is also very popular. Wednesday's Romanian steak is cooked to order and served with potato and vegetable for just $12.95. Thursday's roast chicken or sausage and peppers are popular, but I just love the roasted lamb shanks with rice at an unbeatable $7.95. Friday's stuffed fillet of sole with crab meat or the country fried chicken are offered at prices so low, it doesn't pay to cook at home. In addition, each entrée comes with homemade soup of the day or salad. You'll love their soups, which include Manhattan clam chowder, chicken and rice, split pea, lentil or beef and barley.

Everyday, fresh salads and sandwiches are made to please the hungry throngs of diners coming in and calling in for deliveries. Many bear the names of the local businesses that rely on the New York Diner for their sustenance. For example, the Pulse Fitness Salad is a healthy mix of greens, grilled chicken and sliced avocado ($7.45). Zorba the Greek is one of the most popular salads, and epitomizes the best in Greek salads topped with sliced, grilled chicken. Try the "RCN Hero" with pastrami, melted Swiss cheese and fried onions on a hefty roll ($6.25). The "A.J. Wright" hero is a tasty combination of fresh chicken salad, bacon, lettuce and tomato, served with potato chips ($6.25).

You'll love New York Diner's Panini, including the Roma Panini, made with roasted herb chicken, fresh mozzarella, roasted peppers and balsamic vinegar, served warm and toasty with chips. The Cuban Panini is layered with roasted pork, ham, Swiss cheese and pickles. A number of wraps are rolled up each day as well, filled with tuna salad, grilled chicken or pastrami.

Platter lunch items are abundant and delicious, all at economical prices, to stay or to go. Veggie burgers on pita are served with salad, while the fish and chips platter tastes great, served with salad and French fries. Classic turkey club sandwiches and country fried chicken evoke memories of childhood for sure. Don't forget their giant beef burgers, cooked to order and topped with a myriad of items.

For the best breakfast you'll ever have, or lunch or dinner, you must visit New York Diner on Northern Blvd. The touch of nostalgia adds to your dining experience, but the food will keep you coming back again and again.

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