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Maloney Held Lottery For 100 Inauguration Tickets

Nathan Brendal of Astoria was one of Maloney's constituents to win a pair of tickets to the presidential inauguration. Nathan Brendal of Astoria was one of Maloney's constituents to win a pair of tickets to the presidential inauguration. Last Friday, Congressmember Carolyn Maloney (D-Queens/Manhattan) announced that 50 of her constituents had won a pair of tickets to the presidential inauguration ceremonies on Tuesday through a lottery drawing her office held last month. The 100 tickets awarded represent more than half of those allotted to Maloney by the Joint Congressional Committee on Inaugural Ceremonies. Maloney's office received more than 3,000 requests for inauguration tickets.

"I am inspired by the enthusiasm so many of my constituents have shown in attending the inauguration of our next president, Barack Obama," Maloney said on Friday. "I wish I could have met all of the 3,000 ticket requests my office received, but given the limited number of tickets available to Members of Congress, I felt that a lottery drawing would be the fairest way to distribute tickets. I look forward to seeing the lottery winners and many more of my fellow New Yorkers in Washington on January 20!"

Beginning the morning after the November election, thousands of requests for tickets to the inauguration ceremonies poured into Maloney's offices. To address the overwhelming interest in attending the inauguration ceremonies in a fair and equitable manner, Maloney conducted a random lottery in December for 100 standing tickets. Maloney's office informed the winners of their good luck shortly before Christmas. Fifty pairs of two standing tickets (a total of 100 tickets) were awarded to 50 residents of the 14th Congressional District.

Some observers predicted an unprecedented turnout of up to 4 million people on Inauguration Day. Those who were unable to obtain inauguration tickets were free to find space a large area on the National Mall in Washington open to the general public and served by giant video screens. The unreserved area was located on the Mall between 4th and 14th Streets, with entrances on the south side of the Mall along Independence Avenue. People without tickets were advised to arrive early as lines were expected to be long.

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