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114th Precinct Detective, Officer Honored


At the time, it was front page news: Detective Martin Carrano, a 21-year NYPD veteran, saved a woman's life.

"No doubt, she would have been dead otherwise," said Deputy Inspector Paul Vorbeck, commanding officer of the 114th Precinct. "We honor Detective Carrano for doing outstanding work." Vorbeck honored Carrano at the November meeting of the 114th Precinct Community Council.

Carrano, assigned to the 114th Precinct's Detective Squad for the past six years, was finishing up his day on the evening of May 28 when he took a call. A woman said she was receiving harassing telephone calls from an ex-boyfriend and was worried.

The 26-year old female had previously met Carrano after coming in person to the precinct to file a formal complaint.

"She complained of a violent exboyfriend, who was stalking her, sending her text messages and calling her," said Vorbeck.

Carrano went to the woman's place of employment, a luxury condominium building in Lower Manhattan were she was employed as a lobby desk clerk, and while he was there, two men walked into the building looking to rent a room.

Det. Carrano thought that was peculiar because the building was not a hotel," said Vorbeck.

The men took out razors and began slashing at Carrano and the woman, repeatedly, Vorbeck said. Carrano was cut on the back of his head and the woman suffered cuts to her left hand, upper right thigh, and left part of her face, needing 23 stitches, according to a report in the May 29 New York Times.

Carrano fired at the men, hitting both in the abdomen, according to the May 29 Times report, killing one and wounding the other.

News reports alleged the ex-boyfriend hired the two assailants to attack the woman.

"She has survived and she's doing quite well," said Vorbeck.

In a second Cop-of-the-Month presentation, Police Officer Luis Rios was commended.

P.O. Rios, working in the anti-crime, plainclothes and unmarked car unit on the evening of November 1, observed two individuals in an automobile near the Queensbridge Houses who appeared to be looking into another car.

Continuing his observation, along with Special Operations Lieutenant Morales, Rios watched one of the individuals get out of the car and go into the housing development while the other began driving away.

Rios stopped the driver after observing a traffic violation and subsequently found a loaded gun in the car. The driver claimed he was a "sheriff in Kentucky" and showed flimsy ID, said Vorbeck.

On checking, Rios confirmed the individual worked for a sheriff's office in Kentucky—as a parking attendant. He was arrested.

Rios, a 13-year NYPD veteran with 11 years in the 114th, said, "I take great pride in what I do because every action I take could save a life."

Tony Siano was also honored. A fixture for 37 years in the community and long active in Kiwanis, the Broadway Merchants and Professionals Association, 114th Civ-OP and Most Precious Blood church activities, Siano said, "This is a community that embraces the people who work here. I love Astoria."

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