2008-12-03 / Features

Local Leaders Pray For Victims Of Mumbai Terror Attacks

Queens community leaders, including Congressmember Joseph Crowley, City Council Speaker Christine Quinn and Councilmember Helen Sears, met Monday night with the Jackson Heights Merchants Association to express their condolences and join in praying for the victims of the devastating three-day terrorist attack in Mumbai, India.

Close to 300 people were killed and scores more wounded in the surprise assault, many of them relatives and friends of the many Jackson Heights residents, of Indian descent.

"These attacks have deeply affected both the Indian city of Mumbai and the South Asian community right here in Queens," Crowley (D- Queens/The Bronx) stated. Crowley has represented Jackson Heights for many years. "During these difficult times, it is important for our community to join together in prayer and to send our condolences to those hurt by these attacks. We must work together to help India recover from these attacks, while continuing our work to combat the roots of terrorism across the globe."

Quinn, the top official in the 51-member council, declared, "We stand united today to speak out against the despicable acts of terrorism that occurred over the past few days in Mumbai. My thoughts and prayers are with those who have lost family and friends as a result of this horrendous act. As a city that has been attacked before, we understand what the people of Mumbai and India are going through and we are committed to helping the victims of this attack in any way possible."

Sears (D) declared, "These terrorist attacks are a monstrous instance of the violence and instability in the world, and are an affront to peace and democracy. My heart goes out with profound sorrow to all those [citizens of] India and Indian-Americans affected by this tragedy. The community of Jackson Heights and the rest of my district stand with the people of India in this time of heartbreak, and urge the United States to do all it can to aid the Indian government in assisting the victims and tracking down those responsible."

—John Toscano

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