2008-12-03 / Editorials

Giving Is A Privilege

To The Editor:

For the second consecutive year, we were honored to deliver meals to homebound seniors. We were grateful to be a part of such a wonderful day. We felt like we could have done so much more! (And next year, we will!)

The students of P.S. 212 in Jackson Heights and P.S. 234 in Astoria, loved making cards for the seniors! Thank you Martha Georgalas, Jennifer Bayer, Denise Alvarez, Maria V (I know I'll mess your new last name up if I try to spell it!!), Jennifer Panza, Marisa Trupia, Lorne Greene, and Kim Kissag! You have no idea the impact your students have made on the lives of these seniors. We had seven volunteers delivering this year with us and we were able to stuff about 500 bags with handmade cards. We'll be sure to do it again next year!! Thanks, Joanna, Maritza, Martha, Andy, Phyllis and Rene!

Out of the meals delivered, one senior will never leave our thoughts. Her name is Beverly. She was unaware that food was being delivered to her for Thanksgiving. We surprised her when we rang her bell. She opened the door to what seemed to be the smallest apartment in the city. She wheeled her chair to the door and invited us in. She was very overwhelmed to be a recipient of food and cried, "Thank you. This is a blessing." She bowed her head and shook it in disbelief as Joanna placed a hot meal on the cluttered desk that served as her kitchen table. Her eyes filled up with tears as we said "Happy Thanksgiving from Project Find and Seeds of Love". A moment later, we said goodbye and closed the door. We stood in silence on the other side of her apartment and began to weep. To see someone in her condition, so old, so fragile, so helpless, so alone, was heartbreaking. Be thankful for all that you have. You can't imagine what it's like to be so alone.

Project Find is an amazing organization and without them, 1,200 seniors would have gone hungry on Thanksgiving Day. God bless.

Visit our Shutterfly site to view pictures from our Thanksgiving Day deliveries at seedsoflove. shutterfly.com.

From our family to yours, we hope you had a blessed Thanksgiving.
Danielle Mahoney
Seeds of Love

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