2008-11-12 / Editorials

Proud Obama Is President

To The Editor:

After a long primary season and a presidential campaign marked by mudslinging, nasty and uncalled for remarks and behavior that was despicable, finally the democracy process worked and we elected a new president.

I am proud that Obama is the first African American president elect, and just think that 50 years ago, his people were not allowed to vote, eat at lunch counters, attend integrated schools and were treated like second class citizens. He is a true pioneer and in the words of Rachel Robinson, the wife of Jackie, Barack is a true hero and will make his mark in history. Let us join together, in spirit, in heart, in hands, and in prayer and let us support our new president. Let us help him create a better world and nation for all humanity. We are all one family of humankind created by one loving God. Let us remember that. Let us put our differences and dislikes aside and do our best to cheer our new president elect on.

I do hope that the Vallone scholarship fund continues giving many students who are worthy a chance in lieu of the fact that the economy is really bad and college costs so much money and opportunities are not available for the needy.

I am angry at the nasty behavior of many people as they attacked our mayor personally as he signed the bill to have a third term. If these people do not like his work as mayor then say so, but do not call him awful names that are an attack below the belt. I have noticed that people must stop name calling, and stick to the issues and maturity must be shown by grown people. This is disgusting if adults act like a cruel child.

I pray that the senior centers are not targets of budget cuts. They are havens and oases for seniors who would otherwise be depressed, physically ill and lonely.

In addition, I know that the Police Academy class has to be cut, like education, fire engine companies and jobs, and taxes raised as a result of budget problems and the crises on Wall Street. We must not blame our mayor for these things. He is acting in the best judgment as he sees fit.

We must have a fiscally sound city. Infighting amongst the council and mayor will not solve the problems. Compromises and levelheadedness must be used.

I also urge our city dwellers who are able to afford to give to food banks and food pantries to help those who are hungry and to give their unused coats to help those who lack warm coats to keep warm in the winter. We must help others and make this world a better place and it starts with donating things that will make others' lives brighter, pleasant and happier.

We must salute our veterans who gave so much so that our nation can survive. I am unhappy at their treatment and they are our heroes.

As Thanksgiving approaches, we must be helpful to others and not self centered, and grateful to our city, our state and our nation and our democracy.

Good wishes to all. Cynthia Groopman Long Island City

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