2008-10-22 / Editorials

Ferries Can Save River

To The Editor:

"The Hudson River Notes Waterway's Importance" review of The Hudson River: A Great American Treasure by Greg Miller October [8] brings to mind the explorer Henry Hudson. Our waterways are an underutilized natural asset. Most of our existing public transportation and roadways are already operating at or above capacity. New ferry services can be implemented far more quickly than construction of new subway, commuter rail or highways. These can take years or even decades by the time you complete environmental reviews, planning, design, engineering, real estate acquisition, permits, procurement, construc- tion, budgeting, identifying and securing funding over time to cover all of the above various project costs before reaching beneficial use. Completing all of the above along with finding funding for ferry boats, docks and parking with costs in the millions may be easier than finding the billions of dollars necessary for construction of new or extended subway, commuter rail or highways. Utilization of ferry boats can also make a positive contribution to air quality. Larry Penner Great Neck, New York

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