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Bloomberg-Giuliani Race For Governor? Intriguing!!

Will there be a battle for the governor's mansion in Albany between Mayor Michael Bloomberg and his immediate predecessor, Rudy Giuliani, in 2010? Will Bloomberg succeed in amending- or eliminating altogether- the term limits law governing elected officials in this city and run for the mayor's office a third time? Either of these tantalizing possibilities could become reality with- or without- the help of some political moves, which Bloomberg and Giuliani reportedly have put in play.

Giuliani reportedly is aiming to get control of the state Republican Party and place his longtime aide, Anthony Carbonetti, in the state chairman's chair.

Carbonetti worked for Giuliani at City Hall and presently works for the former mayor's consulting firm.

Meanwhile, Bloomberg also has designs on the GOP state committee although he's not even a Republican at the moment, by bringing in retiring Congressmember Tom Reynolds of Buffalo to run it.

Giuliani and Bloomberg each would have to overcome a major obstacle- the incumbent state chairman, Joseph Mondello, who was put in the job by powerful state Senate Majority Leader Joseph Bruno.

Giuliani could be eyeing the governorship as a bounce-back into political prominence since his ignominious defeat earlier this year in the Republican presidential primary. After that public trouncing, he endorsed U.S. Senator John McCain, now the presumptive GOP candidate for president. Actually, McCain could be a big help to Rudy and his plans to take over the party in New York state

Bloomberg has been badly bitten by the reportedly candidate bug and is changing his mind about retiring to a foundation when his present term is over at the end of next year.

Becoming governor could come easy for Bloomberg. Polls show that respondents feel he can do well in the job. Also, money is no object as far as running for the office. The incentive to take the job is also there. He could try to get congestion pricing enacted, for one thing and solidify mayoral control of the public school system for another.

As for changing term limits so he can serve another term as mayor, he has until September to name a Charter Revision Commission to put on the ballot in November. But even though he gets good grades as mayor, the same poll respondents don't want term limits changed. That would be the dilemma he would have to resolve if he really wants to try for a third term at City Hall.

VALLONE WANTS MORE RECYCLING IN SCHOOLS: Every day, thousands of used cartons, cans and bags are discarded in the city's public schools, rather than being recycled, as the law requires. Now City Councilmember Peter Vallone Jr. is launching a campaign to force the Department of Education to comply with the recycling rule.

Vallone (D- Astoria) says both the DOE

and the Sanitation Department have policies that mandate recycling in the schools, but the DOE admits that only a fraction of the discards are actually recycled. Vallone is sponsoring legislation that requires the city to provide the funding and resources needed to get recycling in the schools underway. Among other things, he feels students would be more likely to get into the habit of recycling if the schools led by example.

SABINI NAMED SENATOR OF YEAR: Citing state Senator John Sabini as "one of the most active and dedicated" senators, the New York Conference of Italian- American State Legislators presented the Jackson Heights lawmaker with its Distinguished Italian-American Senator of the Year Award at its recent annual Festa Italiana in Troy, New York.

Accepting the award, Sabini stated, "It's an honor to be named "Senator of the Year. I'm proud of my Italian heritage, of course, but I'm even more proud of my record in Albany and of bringing people together from each of the many cities in our state."

The Conference is a philanthropic organization that distributes scholarships to collegebound or enrolled students of any ethnicity.

MALONEY ENDORSES OBAMA: Citing the recently concluded Democratic presidential primary contest as a "campaign about bringing fundamental change to our nation", Congressmember Carolyn Maloney joined with her Democratic colleagues from New York state in endorsing Barack Obama for president of the United States.

"Senator Obama has run a passionate and spirited campaign" and "will be an extraordinarily eloquent and powerful voice for the aspirations of the American people and the ideals of the Democratic Party," Maloney (D- Queens/Manhattan) declared.

"I pledge to work tirelessly to make Barack Obama the forty-fourth president of the United States," Maloney added.

In her statement, Maloney said the historic campaign of Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton, whom Obama defeated, had "inspired millions of Americans, in particular, millions of women like me".

"Never again," Maloney said, "will anyone view the prospect of a female president as an impossible dream. Through her distinguished public service, her wisdom, and her compassion, Hillary Clinton has made all of us proud to be New Yorkers."

SMITH LAUDS RENOVATED ROSEDALE LIRR STATION: At a ribbon cutting ceremony to mark the completion of the $8.5 million rehabilitation of the Rosedale LIRR station, state Senate Minority Leader Malcolm Smith (D- St. Albans) applauded the MTA for the upgrade, saying it was "a very good start towards more effectively serving the public's mass transit needs."

Governor David Paterson said in a statement that projects such as the rehabbing of the 103-year-old station will attract more New Yorkers to mass transit and combat soaring gasoline prices.

Others at the ceremony included Congressmember Gregory Meeks, Assemblymember William Scarborough, and City Councilmember James Sanders Jr., all Southeast Queens Democrats, and MTA Executive Director Eliot Sander.

PADAVAN BILLS PASSED: State Senator Frank Padavan (R- C, Bellerose) reports the passage of two bills which he sponsored. The first one, which would significantly increase criminal penalties for graffiti related offenses, is endorsed in the Assembly by Assemblymember Catherine Nolan (D- Ridgewood) and is expected to be passed and be sent to Governor David Paterson for consideration.

The second Padavan bill passed is designed to combat the creation, distribution and sale of illegally recorded movies in New York state. Padavan said he sponsored the bill because film and music piracy has quickly become a major part of the growing criminal counterfeit epidemic that has made its roots in New York City.

Recent raids were conducted on sophisticated piracy rings in Flushing and Bayside, Padavan said.

PHEFFER BILL LOWERS WATER TAXES: Charging New York City has unjustly siphoned revenue from the city Water Board since 1985, Assemblymember Audrey Pheffer has filed a bill that will tie water rates only to the board's operation, maintenance and new construction projects, prohibit the city from imposing rent on the board and cap water and sewer bills for all New York City residents.

For the past two years, double-digit water rate increases were enacted by the Water Board.

Pheffer's bill would allow for relief of large water and sewer bills imposed on lowincome senior citizen homeowners, similar to programs which offer those seniors real property tax relief.

"We must insure that if we do face rising water and sewer costs, that our most vulnerable population is not without these basic needs due to an inability to pay these exorbitant costs," Pheffer (D- Rockaway) said.

YOUNG DEMS ENDORSE OBAMA: Following Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton's endorsement of Senator Barack Obama as the Democratic Party candidate for president last Saturday, the New York State Young Democrats followed Clinton's example and endorsed the Illinois senator.

Young Dems President Matthew Silverstein, noting that the organization backed Clinton in the primary, said party unity was now crucial and all Democrats "must come together to put a Democrat back in the White House".

COMO TO INSTALL: Anthony Como, the new City Councilmember in the 30th district in Western Queens, after winning the special election for the seat last week, will install officers and board members of the Angelo Graci Republican Club on Tuesday evening, June 24 at Grace Lutheran Church community center at 86th Street and 101st Avenue in Ozone Park. Como will be joined by Jane Deacy, the 23rd Assembly District state committeewoman at the installation.

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