2008-05-28 / Editorials

Immigration Matters

To The Editor:

Why is immigration NOT a major issue in this election? Our border areas are plagued with crime, vandalism, and discarded trash. A "guest worker" program would act as a magnet, attracting bigger problems. Such a program would include guest terrorists, guest drug dealers, guest gang members, Hezbollah guests, and millions of poor guests. We have not been successful in dealing with our own poor. Do we need millions more?

In addition to the above, we are importing diseases that were once nearly eradicated here but are now on the way back: TB, leprosy, polio, dengue fever, malaria, hepatitis, and typhoid. Some of these have even entered our blood supply.

Our government, in spite of the eyewash about fences and guardsmen on the border, is, with the cooperation of the Mexican government, encouraging illegal entry of aliens rather than protecting the American citizen. Is their purpose the destruction of the middle class? Is it the destruction of the meaning of "citizenship" so that we can be merged into a regional government like the European Union? See www.jbs.org.

Our borders should be sealed, yet the revolution continues. For God and the Constitution, Lawrence Burke Roslyn, Long Island

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