2008-04-16 / Editorials

Vote Congress Out

To The Editor:

Approval ratings for Congress have never been lower, yet how do we account for the reelection of 98 percent of the incumbents in the House of Representatives and 92 percent in the Senate? Does anyone really think the Congress is doing such a wonderful job that it deserves to be reelected over and over and over again, ad infinitum?

Incumbents promise but cannot bring about "change" since they are participants in a long-established, semi-covert practice of incentives and rewards and will continue to vote as their moneyed interests tell them to vote. They know few voters care and even fewer will bother to vote them out of office. Sadly, only half the people eligible to vote actually vote. Only 40 percent of eligible voters between the ages of 18 and 24 vote, yet they have the biggest stake in effecting positive change for their future.

The lack of urgency to protect and secure our borders, permitting the printing of American passports and transfer of sen- sitive electronic chip technology [overseas] as well as the outsourcing of the manufacture of refueling tankers and other equipment for our military to foreign nations suggests the members of the "House of Incumbents" overwhelmingly vote in favor of their wealthy campaign donors and big dollar lobbyists. Our nation's borders, security and sovereignty have been compromised and imperiled, yet we continue to re-elect incumbents who have put us at risk in the first place.

A vote for anyone but the incumbent is our only hope for "change". We can take comfort in the fact that a non-incumbent Congress can't be any worse than what we have now and we can always vote them out in the next election. Ed Konecnik Flushing

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