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Asian Chef

29-04 172nd Street Flushing, NY 11358 (Francis Lewis Blvd./29th Avenue) 718.359.1313 718.359.1314
By Teresa Barile

By Teresa Barile 

Asian Chef will change the way you think of take-out Chinese food. While many Chinese take-out restaurants offer the same, humdrum dishes that are barely discernable from one another, Asian Chef offers a fresh new experiencein Chinese cuisine with a wide variety of vegetable, chicken, pork, beef and seafood dishes. All are prepared at lightning speed and delivered just as fast. You can also eat in at the neat, tidy tables at this brand new establishment, which opened just three weeks ago.

Owner Danny Tong has over 30 years in the restaurant business and serves his new customers with pride by using only the finest ingredients, including all white meat chicken and the freshest seafood available. The "baby" shrimp used in many dishes at Asian Chef are actually big, plump and tender; never overcooked or rubbery. The same goes for the scallops. Tong has perfected a way to cook the scallops so that they are juicy and tender when they arrive at your door.

You'll want to try several of Asian Chef's appetizers, starting with the dumplings, which are available steamed or fried. The fillings include pork, vegetables and even chicken, for a delicious twist. With six to a serving, there's plenty to dip in the tangy sauce and share ($3.95). Barbecued spare ribs are meaty and succulent and come with or without bones, in small and large orders. Delicious roast pork is stuffed into their crispy egg rolls or you can choose shrimp or vegetable egg rolls. The thinner, more delicate spring roll is filled with a combination of baby shrimp and pork, perfect for duck sauce. Asian Chef's soups are neither salty nor greasy as many others are. The classic won

ton soup, egg drop or hot and sour soup are all excellent, but for something different, try the house special soup with roast pork, chicken and shrimp, practically a meal in itself.

For your main dish, you ought to try one of Asian Chef's healthy, fresh scallop or salmon dishes…that's right, fresh salmon fillet prepared with crisp broccoli, snow peas, string beans or eggplant. Ask for brown rice and you've got a light and delicious meal. Baby shrimp are quickly sautéed with a variety of vegetables, or in an aromatic garlic sauce, black bean sauce, or with hot chili sauce.

Only white meat chicken is used to prepare all the tempting chicken dishes on the menu. It's tender enough to cut with a chopstick and can be cooked with your choice of vegetables, cashews, bean sprouts, curry, or peanuts, as in their spicy Kung Po chicken dish. Hunan cuisine has a little kick and there are plenty of choices such as Hunan chicken, shredded beef with garlic sauce, Hunan beef, or shredded pork with garlic sauce. I must make special mention of the fried rice at Asian Chef, where fluffy rice is gently sautéed with your choice of vegetables, shrimp, roast pork or chicken and is never greasy or over cooked. Entrées start at just $4.95 for a small order and they're packed in microwavable containers for easy reheating.

Family meals are economical, where you can choose two dishes and a quart of soup for just $14.95, or three dishes and soup for $19.45. Everyone loves to roll up their Chinese pancakes with Moo Shu pork, chicken, shrimp or beef. Best of all, delivery is fast and free, so everything arrives piping hot. Take advantage of lunch specials served Monday through Saturday from 11am to 3pm. For just $5.25 you can choose fried rice, white or brown rice, a soup and one of 38 entrées. They will deliver to your home or office with an $8 minimum order.

Call or visit Asian Chef for a fresh and different kind of Chinese food. Delivery is fast and free and the family meals can solve your "what's for dinner?" problems.


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