2008-04-02 / Editorials

Let's Settle The Problems

To The Editor:

How dismayed and angered I was when I read in the pages of the March 26 issue of the Gazette the article discussing the drastic cuts in the NYPD. Indeed, this budget cutting will cause dangerous conditions in our city.

Not only are we in a state of terrorism alert since our city was unfortunately a target on 9/11/01 but there are constant threats made every day.

In addition, with the coming of summer, and the many parades in Manhattan and the many outdoor events such as street fairs, police security is even needed more.

Another event that is important to mention is the visit from the Pope in April and the absolute need for police protection.

Our neighborhoods, also need protection from crime, robberies and rapes. When the other mayoral administrations were encountering major financial instability, the NYPD was not touched.

The uniformed forces as they were referred to, during the many mayoral administrations of the past, remained intact and I believe that this should be the case now. Our city is diverse and there are tourists and other events and happenings, as well as protections, injuries, murders, rapes, robberies and God forbid an emergency and the NYPD is crucial in maintaining stability in our city.

I urge the readers of this newspaper and all New Yorkers to convince their City Councilmembers as well as the mayor's office to leave the NYPD intact. A safe city without chaos lies in our hands and we must do our utmost to maintain our reputation of being the safest, most prosperous city in the world.

Hearing that 4,000 American forces were killed in Iraq during the five years of the war, made me shudder. We send these young people there in harm's way to protect a country so far and remote from our shores, but our mayor has no money to protect the over 6 million people of New York City. We must get our priorities together. I also heard that in 11 years Medicare will be suffering severe financial difficulties and in 2033, there will be no Social Security. These programs are crucial to our boomers of now and of the future and of the seniors of now and the future. These programs are not entitlements or gifts or charity, but earned. We work and pay into the systems of both programs.

Let the U.S. government stop bickering and get down to serious business and end the cruel war that is raging and depleting our treasury and forcing the generations that come after us to pay enormous debts.

Let all concerned make spring resolutions to settle all of these problems that plague us. Cynthia Groopman Long Island City, New York

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