2008-04-02 / Editorials

New Mason Dixon Line

To The Editor:

The proposed so called decongestion plan is a sham that should be called the new "Mason Dixon Line" separating the poor in the north and outer boroughs from the wealthy in the south of Manhattan. I call it a sham because it is just another tax snow job. First of all it is true that traffic in Manhattan is heavy and the fact that it is heavy and the difficult parking keeps it under control with drivers thinking twice before going in to Manhattan. Of course, it might help the wealthy if it decreases traffic but I don't think it will even do that.

Secondly, the other part of the sham is that the money will go to improving bus, subway and train projects. This rhetoric is only to sell snow to the Eskimos, the very people who will be excluded. This sham is as old as the hills as yes, the money will go where they say it will, but then the money that was going to buses, subways and trains goes some place else. And so it's just another tax with no real improvement to the said systems and with more traffic summonses and court appearances, requiring more court officials for all.

And finally we already have a decongestion system. It's called the free market and that is a better and fairer system th[a]n any politician can dream up.
John Procida

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