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Queens Dems Scored Big For Hillary In 'Super' Delegate Vote

The Queens Democratic organization did a thorough job of amassing presidential convention delegates pledged to Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton in her victory over Senator Barack Obama in New York City and state on Super Tuesday, according to unofficial vote returns released by the city Board of Elections on Monday.

The returns showed that the boro ugh's Dems, led by Congressmember Joseph Crowley, carried five of the six Congressional Districts that cover the county and won 27 of the 31 delegate posts that were on the ballot.

The only place where Obama forces showed any strength was in the 6th CD in Southeast Queens, where they won four delegate posts and led in the district-wide balloting, giving Obama his only victory in Queens.

The 6th CD, where Congressmember Gregory Meeks is the longtime incumbent, is the only CD that is completely in Queens and does not include parts of other boroughs.

Crowley and the county Democratic organization had endorsed Clinton and supported her effort strongly. According to Crain's New York Business weekly newspaper, the Democratic vote in Queens surpassed that party's vote in Brooklyn, 337,000 to 293,000, although there are more registered Democrats in Brooklyn than in Queens.

Meanwhile, Queens Republicans scored a convincing victory in the borough for Senator John McCain, who was a late replacement on the ballot for Rudy Giuliani, who dropped out of the race several days before the voting last Tuesday.

There was not as much data from the Board of Elections since the names of only the presidential candidates appeared on the ballot, not the names of those running to become convention delegates.

Using the unofficial records of the voting provided by the city Board of Elections, we provide a listing of the winning delegates by congressional district. The names of the district representatives are provided for information purposes only. They did not appear on the ballot.

5TH CD, (CONGRESSMEMBER GARY ACKERMAN) QUEENS/NASSAU: (All Clinton Delegates) State Senator Toby Ann Stavisky, Flushing; City Councilmember John Liu, Flushing; Barbara J. Jackson, Corona; Jonathon Kaiman, Great Neck; and Fior Rodriguez-Langumas, Elmhurst.

6TH CD, (CONGRESSMEMBER GREGORY MEEKS) SOUTHEAST QUEENS (First Four Are Obama Delegates): Councilmember James Sanders Jr., Arverne; Mabel Everett, Ozone Park; Terri E. Hall, Jamaica, and Okenfe A. Lebarty, Far Rockaway.

Assemblymember Barbara M. Clark, Queens Village, running pledged to Clinton, won as a delegate, based on votes received.

7TH CD, CONGRESSMEMBER JOSEPH CROWLEY, QUEENS/THE BRONX, (All Clinton Delegates): Borough President Helen M. Marshall; Joel Rivera, The Bronx; Naomi Rivera, The Bronx; Councilmember Hiram Monserrate, Jackson Heights, and Veta Brome, Elmhurst.

9TH CD, CONGRESSMEMBER ANTHONY WEINER, QUEENS/BROOKLYN (All Clinton Delegates): James Conigliaro, Brooklyn; Assemblymember Catherine T. Nolan, Ridgewood; Mitchell Partnow, Brooklyn; Councilmember Melinda Katz, Forest Hills, and Maf Uddin, Jamaica.

12TH CD, CONGRESSMEMBER NYDIA VELAZQUEZ MANHATTAN/ BROOKLYN/QUEENS, (All Clinton Delegates): Martin Malave Dilan, Brooklyn; Rosie Mendez, Manhattan; Luis Garden- Acosta, Brooklyn; Chung Seto, Manhattan, and Charles Ober, Ridgewood.

14TH CD, CONGRESSMEMBER CAROLYN MALONEY, QUEENS/MANHATTAN (All Clinton Delegates): David N. Dinkins, Manhattan; state Senator Liz Krueger, Manhattan; Assemblymember Michael Gianaris, Astoria; Ida Torres, Astoria; Jonathan Bing, Manhattan, and Anne Marie Anzalone, Astoria.

The raw vote district-by-district was: 5th CD: Clinton, 29,293, 72.6 percent; Obama 10,402, 25.8 percent; 6th CD: Clinton, 31,446, 43.5 percent, Obama, 39,748 55 percent; 7th CD: Clinton, 38,971, 60.4 percent; Obama, 24,471, 24.5 percent; 9th CD, Clinton 36,724, 70 percent, Obama, 14,112, 27 percent; 12th CD Clinton, 39,579, 63 percent, Obama, 21,591, 34.25 percent; and 14th CD Clinton, 49,875, 56.3 percent, Obama, 37,017, 42 percent.

Other Democratic presidential candidates listed on the ballot were Bill Richardson, governor of New Mexico; Senator Joseph Biden; former Senator John Edwards, and Congressmember Dennis Kucinich of Ohio. Only Clinton and Obama now remain in the race.

The voting records will not be official until absentee ballots are added, then all materials will be certified and made official and will be sent to the state Board of Elections, which will make the final certification of delegates.

The same procedure will be followed with the voting records cast by Republicans for Senator John McCain, former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney, former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee and Congressmember Ron Paul. Romney has since pulled out of the race.

DA SEEKS LAWMAKERS' HELP: Queens District Attorney Richard A. Brown at his annual legislative breakfast last Friday made a plea to the federal, state and city lawmakers present to use their powers of persuasion at their respective levels of government to get some funding for his office. Brown started out by informing them that his budget was cut after 9/11 and the cuts haven't been restored since then.

"Some of you may know," he said, addressing the city councilmembers present, "that the mayor's preliminary budget released last week proposes a further 5 percent cut in our funding. That would mean a $2 million cut in this offices' budget."

Brown said he recognizes the serious financial difficulties facing the city, but added, "It makes little sense to attempt to remedy the situation by cutting public safety dollars to the point where our ability to maintain the gains of the last decade is in jeopardy. I don't want to see us move backward."

Like law enforcement offices everywhere, Brown said, "Mortgage and real estate fraud has become a booming business in Queens, with a growing number of cases- 318 complaints in 2007- coming in, many of them involving senior citizens as victims."

Hate crimes and gang offenses, many of them involving guns, have also escalated in the borough recently, he said.

"The bottom line is that we need you- our legislators- more than ever before to continue to provide the resources necessary to allow us to do our job in continuing to reduce the level of violence within our county and improve the quality of life of our residents."

MALONEY URGES COUNCIL SUPPORT OF 9/11 AID: Expressing the hope that the 9/11 health crisis "will not be yet another problem President [George W.] Bush hands to his successor," Congressmember Carolyn Maloney urged the City Council last week to pass a resolution supporting her bill aiding sick 9/11 responders get federal funding to help them fight illnesses contracted at Ground Zero.

Council Speaker Christine Quinn said her members were very sympathetic to the resolution and probably would pass it.

The measure introduced by Maloney (D- Queens/Manhattan) would pay to treat anyone, including volunteers, residents, workers and anyone else in the vicinity of the World Trade Center site who became ill after being exposed to the toxins at Ground Zero following 9/11.

Maloney said she and her supporters in Congress will shortly start a push to get the legislation passed and signed by Bush. She said she appreciated the support from Quinn and Councilmember Joseph Addabbo (D- Ozone Park), chair of the council Civil Service Committee, one of two committees considering the resolution.

WARNS OF REBATE SCAMS: U.S. Senator Charles Schumer, looking ahead several months to when federal government rebates will start arriving, put out a warning that those receiving the rebates should not enter into "rebate anticipation loans" in order to get some money in their hands before the rebates arrive.

Those loans come at a huge price- sky-high interest rates that will eat up most of the rebate. Schumer also sent a letter to tax preparation firms that use the anticipation loans to commander an individual's income tax return, warning them not to horn in on the rebates.

As for the rebates, slated to go out to millions of people, Schumer, head of the Senate Finance Committee, warned that scam artists are already planning to offer the anticipation loans in order to take the greater part of the check that comes from Uncle Sam. The lawmaker said many families may be so badly in need of quick cash that they'll be easy bait for an anticipation loan from an unscrupulous scam artist.

The message to the more than 5 million New Yorkers due to get a rebate from $300 to $1,000 from the IRS is: be patient and don't deal away a good part of that for a quick fix, Schumer said.


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