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New York Ham 'n' Eggery Diner 49-09 Northern Boulevard Jackson Heights
by Teresa Barile

New York Ham 'n' Eggery Diner 49-09 Northern Boulevard Jackson Heights

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          New York Diner buzzes with activity seven days a week as Michael Kountouris, the amiable new owner greets his customers and keeps things moving along. A steady stream of patrons line up at the front door while the multi-tasking cooks pass hot dishes to the waiters and waitresses who navigate their way through this very narrow, 1940's style "tin can" diner. Located on a tiny strip of land on Northern Blvd, just across from Home Depot, New York Ham 'n' Eggery Diner has been a fixture since 1949. Kountouris, who has had four successful restaurants, took over the helm a couple of months ago and added new lighting and a new paint job to this retro eatery that holds 7 blue vinyl booths and a number of stools at the counter. The same great home style food is still being cooked up here, all at amazingly reasonable prices.

    An astounding 140 dozen eggs are used each and every day to create The New York Diner's famous breakfasts, which are served all day long. In addition, a wide array of lunch and dinner items, including homemade hot entrées and fresh salads keep the regulars happy seven days a week.

    Starting with breakfast, there's a special that costs just $2.75 and includes two eggs, any style, toast and their famous, crunchy and soft home fried potatoes. Even the prices here hark back to a bygone era. Try the "Big Breakfast" that will definitely keep you till way past lunch with three eggs, bacon or ham or sausage, toast and coffee for just $5.95. Their legendary "Wake Up" omelet is made with three eggs, ham, bacon and chopped sausage mixed into the fluffy eggs ($5.25). Order a cheese omelet, and you'll be given a choice of cheeses including American, cheddar, mozzarella or Swiss. The very friendly staff keeps your cup full of Joe. "The Booster" is an awesome pastrami omelet with toast and those fabulous home fries and coffee. Call your cardiologist because "The Heart Attack", one of their most popular sandwiches, piles two eggs, bacon, cheese and potatoes on a jumbo hero roll for an amazing $3.95. I dare you to eat lunch after that! On the flip side, "The Petite" is an egg white omelet served on whole wheat toast with grapefruit juice for just $5.25. All the breakfast specials come with freshly squeezed orange juice, made right in front of you in an ingenious machine.

    In lieu of eggs, try a stack of their fluffy pancakes, with real blueberries mixed in, topped with sweet, ripe banana slices and a cloud of whipped cream. They looked picture perfect as do the thick slices of golden French toast, served plain or topped with fruit. Waffles will be added to the menu very soon, and fresh muffins, bagels and Danish round out the list.

    Each day, New York Diner prepares a list of lunch specials which are faxed to the many businesses in the area. Fresh fish and seafood, pork and beef appear in these specials and they are so generously portioned and reasonably priced, that many order them to take home for the family supper. Roast lamb Macedonia style is one such entrée, served with lemon potatoes and vegetables for $7.45. Roast chicken and potatoes with mixed vegetables is another crowd pleaser ($7.45) or try the Cuban pork hero with Swiss cheese on garlic bread. The Harley Davidson burger, topped with bacon, ham, fried onions and melted cheddar, or any of New York Diner's burgers, require two hands and a hearty appetite.

    Also popular are their incredible salads, namely, "Zorba The Greek", a generous Greek salad, loaded with tomatoes, olives, onions and feta cheese, topped with sliced, grilled chicken ($7.25). A traditional Cobb salad has turkey, tomatoes and hard cooked egg. Try one of their "celebrity" hero sandwiches, named after the local businesses that patronize them each day. For example, the "Old Navy" Hero piles grilled chicken breast, peppers, onions and bacon on a jumbo roll ($6.25). The "RCN" features pastrami with melted Swiss, fried onions and hot peppers. The "Best Buy" layers turkey with bacon and melted Swiss cheese. Complement any lunch or dinner entrée with a bowl of house made soup such as Yankee bean.

    New York Diner is the place to be seven days a week for breakfast, lunch and dinner. They will happily delivery to your home or office, and cater your next party. Open Monday to Friday from 6am to 9pm, Saturday from 6am to 5pm and Sunday from 7am to 3pm.

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