2007-12-12 / Editorials

Where's Christmas?

To The Editor:

This Christmas season I want to see a more equitable treatment for Christians from our politicians. Over the past few months, we have seen their ads in the local papers: "Happy Columbus Day", "Happy Veterans' Day", "Happy Thanksgiving Day". The holiday is named.

I also agreed with the politicians for the Jewish New Year when they wished a Happy New Year, "Shalom", or a Star of David, and Hebrew characters. That's the way it should be. I believe I even saw an ad wishing "Happy Ramadan". No problem.

Why is Christmas so different?

Suddenly our politicians are too timid to name Christmas?

We see "Happy Kwanzaa", "Happy Hanukkah", but no "Merry Christmas". Why discriminate? If you say Columbus, Thanksgiving, Hanukkah, please have the courtesy to say "Christmas".

Do not deny my holiday. Do not use the lame excuse that saying "Merry Christmas" is offensive. In fact it is the other way around. Last year's Zogby International Poll revealed that 95 percent were not offended by "Merry Christmas", but that 32 percent were offended by "Happy Holiday". This year's Rasmussen Poll got very much the same results. So, please do not offend. Do not claim offense; If you do, you are offensive.

This year, have the courage to say "Merry Christmas". If someone says "Happy Holiday" to me, I reply "Merry Christmas". Eighty percent of Americans identify themselves as Christian. So, don't be ashamed, you 80 percenters. Say "Merry Christmas", and keep saying it until everyone says "Merry Christmas".

And thanks to the Sunnyside Chamber of Commerce for lighting a Christmas tree this year. It is a big improvement. Al Volpe Woodside

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