2007-10-17 / Editorials

Licenses And Illegals

To The editor:

I can't think of a more ridiculous law approved by Governor [Eliot] Spitzer than the one that approves the issuing of drivers' licenses to illegal aliens. This N.Y. state law is also vehemently opposed by City Councilmember Peter Vallone Jr.

Would I vote for Eliot Spitzer if he ran again for a public office? Most probably not.

Illegal aliens are finding ways to live in this country (NYC in particular) without having to pay for food, prescription drugs, medical, and a host of other services, which we, as citizens are paying for with our tax dollars. And now they are being allowed to secure a driver's license, without anyone checking on whether they are in this country legally or illegally. The illegal aliens want everything for free- want to earn a decent pay but don't want to pay taxes- want equal rights but don't want to learn English or serve in the armed forces. No wonder so many illegal aliens continue to come to this country (and want to come to this country).

The United States is losing its identity. Isn't it ridiculous that citizens of the United States must learn a foreign language in order to be understood in some areas of this country and particularly in our own area of Queens? Go to Roosevelt Avenue at 82nd Street up to 96th Street (and beyond) and hear how many people are speaking English. It's appalling to notice the many Latin American parades in Queens and not one of them (as far I could see) flying an American flag. Only flags of the foreign countries are being shown in these parades.

America and its politicians must get busy and start passing some new laws and reviewing the current laws, especially ones pertaining to illegal immigration and the program(s) that are offering free programs to the illegal aliens already in this country (and who are probably laughing at us who have to pay for our food, medical, prescriptions, etc.).

Shouldn't we, the citizens of this country be allowed Freedom of Speech, just as it is allowed to illegal aliens? Robert Horton Jackson Heights

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