2007-09-12 / Editorials

Repeal NAFTA

To The Editor:

Despite the Bush administration's continuing talk about fixing the nation's porous southern border, the promised fence has not been built. Legislation calling for it has been passed, funds have been appropriated by Congress and most American citizens want the border secured. But illegal immigrants continue to stream across the border.

The reason the fence is mostly talk and little or no action is because the Bush administration does not want it built. [President] Bush and his administration remain committed to creating the North American Union, which will merge Mexico, Canada and our nation. A fence separating Mexico and the United States is not part of the plan.

America's sovereignty is being threatened. We should contact our congressmen to co-sponsor House Concurrent Resolution 22 to repeal NAFTA [North American Free Trade Agreement]. NAFTA is just the beginning of the North American Union. If we can repeal it, the North American Union will not go through. Very truly yours, Janet McCarthy Flushing

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