2007-08-29 / Editorials

Stay Safe On Labor Day

To The Editor:

This Labor Day weekend, as you kick back to enjoy the weekend with family and friends, remember to celebrate responsibly if your plans include alcohol. Whether you're at a barbecue or out on the water, be sure to designate a driver or a skipper if your celebrations will include alcohol.

You'll be in the company of 148 million American adults who have either been a designated driver or used one and the 85 percent of boaters who believe promoting the use of designated skippers is an excellent or good way to encourage boating safety. Thanks to these efforts, along with effective law enforcement and communitybased alcohol awareness and education programs, the U.S. Department of Transportation reports that drunk-driving fatalities during the Labor Day period have decreased by 44 percent since 1982.

This Labor Day weekend, let's all do what we can to keep our roadways and waterways safe by using a designated driver or skipper- or volunteering to be one. By celebrating responsibly, you can help make sure that summer ends on a safe and happy note.
C.A. Verdon
H.R. Manager
Anheuser-Busch Sales &
Service Of New York, Inc.

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