2007-08-15 / Restaurant of the Week

Frisby... First In North America

By Teresa Barile

Frisby fried chicken has just made its North American debut in Jackson Heights to the delight of many. Frisby is a chain of delectable fried chicken restaurants,

100 strong, throughout Colombia,

South America. Thanks to a strong partnership between Queens resident Sigifredo Camargo and the franchise's owner, Alfredo Hoyo Mazuera, Frisby arrived on Northern Blvd. in Jackson Heights one month ago.

What's so special about Frisby? The fried chicken is made with the highest quality poultry available and dipped in a special coating with flavorful herbs and spices. The space age kitchen, complete with hi-tech digital fryers, makes the crispiest fried chicken without the grease or saltiness of the other famous chains. Frisby combos come with a nice variety of side dishes too that make them extra special. Besides classic sides of crispy French fries and crunchy cole slaw, Frisby offers some Latin American sides that are worth trying. Arepas are tiny corn cakes, made with ground white corn. Wedges of yucca are also fried to a crisp golden finish and go just as well with ketchup as the fries. I enjoyed side dishes of savory beans, cooked slowly for hours, along with fluffy white rice. Other side dishes include Russian salad with peas, carrots and a touch of mayonnaise, yucca croquettes and plantains, as well as fresh potato salad and a variety of chicken soups, some with vegetables or noodles.

In order to get the first North American Frisby off on the right foot, a team of expert staff was brought up from Colombia to train local employees. Both Camargo and Mazuera have much invested in this new operation here in Queens, so no detail was left unattended. The staff is very friendly and efficient and the bilingual menu insures that everyone feels right at home. Combos cost about $7 for two juicy pieces of chicken and two sides. What's more, you can choose your favorite pieces of chicken with no additional charge. Meaty breasts, juicy legs and thighs and crispy wings are made on the spot and served piping hot. I really loved the novel idea of offering disposable gloves with which to pick up the savory chicken. It saves on clean up afterwards and lends a nice touch. Also catchy is the Colombian tradition of drizzling pure honey on the crispy fried chicken. At first, this seemed unusual, but after one bite, I was hooked.

Back in Colombia, Mazuera explained how staff unity is fostered through team building projects inspired by his wife, Liliana Restrepo. She is a professor of "bio-dance", a method of dance known for its restorative, rejuvenating benefits. All employees are encouraged to train with her as part of the company's benefits. Mazuera and his wife and the Frisby Corporation continually give back to their native country by building schools and sponsoring Outbound vacations for local children. Frisby is headquartered in Pereira, Colombia, right in the coffee growing region, and beautiful photographs of the verdant countryside and bustling metropolises of the country adorn all the walls in the restaurant here in Jackson Heights.

Frisby is a great location for children's parties, where balloons and toys are distributed to the happy children along with their kid sized meals. Look for motor scooters with the animated Frisby logo as they whisk this delicious chicken to your home or office seven days a week.

For some of the best fried chicken, with or without a touch of honey, incredible side dishes and a touch of Latin flavor, visit Frisby soon. The sparkling clean kitchen and dining room is inviting and the food will make you come back. Free delivery is starting now, so call for your first order of Frisby. Frisby is open seven days a week from 11am to midnight on weekdays and until 2am on Friday and Saturday nights. Cash only please.

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